Battleheartlegacy Wiki

Trinkets allow players to customize their hero's attributes and some mechanics.

Note: The Shop's inventory is random. If you do not like what you see, quit the game and reload. This will refresh the inventory, which may allow you to buy items that were previously not available. The shop's inventory also refreshes at 10 minute intervals (ex. refreshes at 4:30 and then 4:40 again)

Name Description Properties Tier Best Price
Ashes of Graz’bad The remnants of a powerful shaman. Ultimately his powers claimed his senses, leaving him only able to shriek his own name. +7 Weapon Power

+7 Life Drain

2 3210
Vintage Chardonnay Possessing a collection of fine wines is considered a symbol of power among the Haggerdom nobility. +5 Weapon Power

+5 Life Drain

1 2100
Antique Hourglass This relic distorts the flow of time. +18% Attack Speed

+13% Cooldown Speed

3 3180
Spectral Mantle Wearing this cape allows one to slightly dislodge from reality and preform super-human feats. +14% Attack Speed

+10% Cooldown Speed

2 1775
Beads of the Swift Blessed by monks, these beads bestow great agility. +10% Attack Speed

+7% Cooldown Speed

1 395
Howling Sickle  This small curved blade trembles with unbridled wrath. +10% Crit

+30% Crit Effect

2 3060
Grisly Trophy A gruesome reminder to foes what you're capable of. +5% Crit

+25% Crit Effect

1 1405
Choker of the Red Feast Once worn by the Cannibal King, who laid siege to Haggerdom in the third age. +10% Life Drain 3 2940
Vampire Tooth Pendant An intimidating badge of strength, as vampires rarely part with their teeth willingly. +6% Life Drain 2 1741
Blood-soaked Sash Drenched in the blood of foes, it drives its wearer with bloodlust. +3% Life Drain 1 1248
Phoenix Quill Though shed long ago by a majestic phoenix, it still resonates with warmth and power. +8 Weapon Power

+10% Crit

3 2970
Scroll of Fury This scroll is blessed by the gods, granting its bearer the strength of a cyclops. +6 Weapon Power

+6% Crit

2 1456
Charm of Vigor A jewel that grants super-human strength. +4 Weapon Power

+4% Crit

1 730
Leviathan Scale Leviathans rule the deep seas, carrying sailors who dare travel too far from shore to the crushing depths. +8 Spell Power

+10% Crit

3 2940
Condensed Mana Vial Only through powerful rituals can pure mana be captured in this state.   +6 Spell Power

+6% Crit

2 1456
Wiseman's Brooch Favored by many mages, this talisman helps to wrangle unstable arcane forces. +4 Spell Power

+4% Crit

1 730
Blazesong Amulet A great conflagration is sealed within this amulet. It is hot to the touch. +16% Attack Speed

+10% Crit

3 2910
Rune of the Serpent An ordinary rock emblazoned with a powerful glyph. +12% Attack Speed

+9% Crit

2 1674
Panther's Claw A hunting trophy demonstrating one's great skill and speed. +8% Attack Speed

+5% Crit

1 551
Crown of Sundering Once worn by an ancient mountain king who's empire was known to be unconquerable. +10 Weapon Power 5 2880
Titan's Glove Makes every swing shake the earth. +8 Weapon Power 4 1800
Fury Totem A small wooden totem adorned with depictions of brutal combat. +6 Weapon Power 3 1090
Power Fist This gauntlet sizzles with ferocity. +4 Weapon Power 2 577
Swordsman's Gauntlet A supple leather glove that infuses confidence into every swing. +2 Weapon Power 1 120
Time-Lost Urn An anointed urn which bestows good luck to its owner. +10% Dodge

+10% Crit

2 2856
Palewood Twig A branch from a Palewood Tree, a species rarely seen in Haggerdom. +7% Dodge

+7% Crit

1 1670
Flamescarred Mask A relic from an era long past, during the birth of mana. +10 Spell Power 5 2850
Kaimani's Bloodstone The life-force of a once powerful mage resides within this ring's jewel. +8 Spell Power 4 1750
Firestorm Band Within the gemstone whirls a tempest of flame. +6 Spell Power 3 1000
Channeling Gauntlet This runed gauntlet crackles with electricity. +4 Spell Power 2 441
Energy Ring A gemstone containing trace amounts of mana. +2 Spell Power 1 135
Black Candle Used in necromantic rituals, these candles symbolize mortality and the fragility of life. +50% Crit Effect 3 2730
Piercing Silver The remnants of a spell-forged greatsword, now shattered into hundreds of fragments. +35% Crit Effect 2 1514
Captain's Spyglass The captain always knows best. +25% Crit Effect 1 278
Black Lotus Often seen as an omen that your time on earth is coming to a sudden end. +15% Crit 5 2730
Ancient Dragon tooth Tough weathered by time and the elements, this tooth remains fearfully sharp. +12% Crit 4 1695
Truestrike Monocle Grants unerring vision and precision. +9% Crit 3 965
Glass Arrowhead A memento from a clam of woodland-folk who have been lost to the ages. +6% Crit 2 403
Rabbit's Foot No one's quite sure why a dismembered foot is a sign of good luck. +3% Crit 1 102
Mirror of Farsight A mirror which glimpses into alternate realities. +15% Movement Speed

+10% Instant Cooldown

2 2700
Tarot Deck Do you dare look into your future? +10% Movement Speed

+7% Instant Cooldown

1 1344
Gatekeeper's Sigil The mark of the unwavering Gatekeeper who guards the pathway between the physical and the spectral planes. +10 Armor 5 2670
Sharkul's Skull The skull of a fallen warrior who had no equal in life. He now plays a bassoon in Valhalla. +8 Amror 4 1653
Glyph of Stoneskin An engraved stone that surrounds its carrier with an unseen barrier. +6 Armor 3 965
Warding Ring  This ring is subtly enchanted to ward off incoming attacks. +4 Armor 2 403
Silver Armlet A simple bracer designed to protect your forearm. +2 Armor 1 102
Almanac of annihilation Textbook of forbidden arcane arts, which ultimately led to Haggerdom's second great witch hunt. +20% Cooldown Speed 3 2610
Codex of Jabe The last writings of a great warlock who was eaten alive by goblins. +15% Cooldown speed 2 1092
Tome of Mastery This text overflows with knowledge. +10% Cooldown speed 1 284
Zombie Flesh It's still wriggling. +6 Spell Power

+7 Armor

3 2538
Shrunken Head Created with bizarre alchemy, they are often carried as protective charm. +5 Spell Power

+5 Armor

2 1333
Elder Wreath A good luck charm, typically created and then burned before a witch hunt. +4 Spell Power

+3 Armor

1 455
Shackles of the Lost The ghost of a great knight is trapped within these iron clasps. +6 Weapon Power

+7 Armor

3 2538
Immortal's Goblet It is said a powerful lich once drank from this goblet, claiming its power. What remains is only a shadow of its former glory. +5 Weapon Power

+5 Armour

2 1333
Charred Figurine A scorched effigy of some unknown person. +4 Weapon Power

+3 Armor

1 455
Azamoth's Cursed Eyeball The only remains of the once great leader. Glimpses of the future can be seen in the reflection of its lens. +15% Instant Cooldown 3 2460
Monkey's Paw This grisly trinket may grant wishes, though unpredictable. +12% Instant Cooldown 2 1218
Brocken Pocketwatch This watch has slipped into a different time-stream, distorting reality around it. +8% Instant Cooldown 1 351
Ninja Glove  Ninjas are known for their swiftness, slicing their target to ribbons before they realize their end has come. +25% Attack Speed 3 2160
Tempest Stone Within this globe roils a vicious storm. +20% Attack Speed 2 1118
Ring of Haste Accelerates the wearer's strikes.  +15% Attack Speed 1 188
Ghost Stone Makes its holder partially ethereal. +15% Dodge 3 2070
Phasing Lodestone This amulet seems to slip into another dimension randomly, pulling nearby objects with it. +10% Dodge 2 954
Warding Amulet The wearer of this necklace is protected by a strange force which seems to deflect attacks. +5% Dodge 1 279
Trollskin Amulet Trolls are widely considered to be unkillable, as their wounds close as fast they can be opened. +10 HP/sec 3 1414
Holy Water Vial  Simply holding this vial soothes your weariness. +6 HP/sec 2 886
Ring of Regeneration  While worn, this ring slowly restores your health over time. +3 HP/sec 1 248
Mystery Egg You're pretty sure this thing will never hatch, but when placed by your ear, you can hear a quiet voice and the distant sound of the ocean. +20% XP 2 1337
Mystic Journal Writing you exploits in this journal daily somehow makes you learn faster. +10% XP 1 255
Bandit's Satchel The paranoid bandit knows he must keep his wealth on his person, or never see it again. +20% Gold 2 961
Glove of  the Thief Thieves sure love gold! +10% Gold 1 150
Hermes' Charm An enchanted amulet surging with incredible speed. +20% Movement Speed 2 736
Sprint Shoes Comfy footwear for running long distances. +10% Movement Speed 1 116