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Armor's primary purpose is to significantly improve your hero's defenses, but some special items will grant small bonuses to secondary attributes. Armor, like weapons, can be acquired in several ways:

  • Purchased from a shop vendor
  • Dropped by a fallen foe
  • Discovered in a chest
  • Awarded at the Arena of Madness

In order to obtain a legendary item you need to kill at least 80 enemies at the Arena of Madness, with the exception of Draconic Bulwark which is obtainable at 60 kills minimum.

Barbarian Armor[]

Name Description Defense & Effects Requirements Base Cost
Raiment of the Kodiak Armor made from the skin and the spirit of a mighty bear. 23 Armor
+6 weapon power
+5% crit
STR 22 4000
Coat of Many Pelts Animal ferocity surges throught this patchwork of fur and flesh. 21 Armor
+4 weapon power
+4% crit
STR 15 3400
Barbarian Garb A light trapping of furs and leather that brings out your inner savage. 15 Armor
+3 weapon power
STR 11 1370

Bard Armor[]

Name Description Defense & Effects Requirements Base Cost
Duelist's Regalia Worn by the finest fencers among the nobility 26 Armor
+5% dodge/crit
+5% movement and attack speed
CHA 18 4000
Nobles's Garb A dashing outfit that will surely turn heads at the capital. 18 Armor
+10% XP gained
+4% crit
CHA 12 2000
Bard's Clothes Though offering little protection, it tells the world you're and artist! 8 Armor
+10% XP gained
CHA 7 325

Battlemage Armor[]

Name Description Defense & Effects Requirements Base Cost
Battlemage Raiment Adorned with gemstones and runes, this armor is energized with mana. 24 Armor
31 Spellpower
6% attack/c.d. speed
none 4000
Inferno Mail This armor vibrates with hostile magic. 18 Armor
25 Spellpower
+4% attack speed
none 2300
Mage Armor This enchanted shell of cloth and metal provides moderate defense without inhibiting the wearer's concentration. 12 Armor
16 Spellpower
none 1010

Heavy Armor[]

Name Description Defense & Effects Requirements Base Cost
Aegis of the Pride Sculpted with the visage of an indomitable lion. 39 Armor
+15% elemental resist
END 20 ?3500
Crimson Regalia Cerimonial armor worn by an order of paladins, the Crimsom Hammer. 35 Armor
+5% cooldown speed
END 22 ?2500
Twilight Plate Even in the light it remains opalescent, an unyielding shadow. 30 Armor
+3% crit/dodge
END 17 2300
Meteoric Plate Forged from fallen meteors, it thrums an otherwordly resonance with each step. 26 Armor
+3% dodge
END 15 1800
Blue Steel Plate A bath of unique chemicals give the metal increased resilience, and its unusual hue. 22 Armor
+1% crit
END 13 1150
Silverite Plate Forged from the finest Silverite alloy, this armor yields to no blade. 18 Armor END 11 750
Scale Mail Overlapping steel plates create a shell that's though to pierce. 14 Armor END 9 480
Knight Armor A suit of steel. While uncomfortable, so is a sword in the gut, so knight's choose the former. 11 Armor END 8 250
Light Chainmail Commonly worn by rural militia, this armor is easy to wear and offers moderate protection 8 Armor END 6 102

Light Armor[]

Name Description Defense & Effects Requirements Base Cost
Azure Jacket Treated with unique dyes and a hint of magic, this leather coat has unusually high defense. 26 Armor
+3 attack power
none 3000
Sniper's Coat The armor of the royal marksmen of Haggerdom. 21 Armor
+4% crit
none 2300
Leather Duster A dark leather, perfect for stalking your prey by night. 18 Armor
+3% Crit chance
none 1700
Traveler's Leather A mix of leather and light plating provide moderate defense without encumbering movement. 19 Armor
+1% crit
none 1150
Pathfinder's Tunic Favored by many rangers, it is both durable and comfortable. 12 Armor none 750
Crimson Coat A thorough application of toughened leather and metal reinforcements make this outfit provide moderate defense. 10 Armor none 450
Ranger's Coat A coat of toughened leather, a crucial second-skin for surviving in the wilderness. 7 Armor none 200
Rugged Clothes Lightly padded, their light weight makes it easy to move and strike swiftly. 5 Armor none 65
Villager Clothes These clothes provide virtually no protection and are unfit for combat. 1 Armor none Starting Gear

Mage Armor[]

Name Description Defense & Effects Requirements Base Cost
Crystalweave Robe Made entirely from crystalline thread and infused with powerful magic, it glimmers like ice. 18 Armor
30 Spellpower
+3% crit
+20% crit damage
none 3600
Shroud of the Coven The cursed robe of a powerful and reclusive sect of shadow mages. 16 Armor
28 Spellpower
+5% cooldown speed
none 3000
Hedge Wizard's Cowl Rogue mages are often the most dangerous, and tend to find themselves destroyed by their own reckless power. 13 Armor
22 Spellpower
+3% crit
none 1700
Psion's Coat Infused with pure willpower 11 Armor
19 Spellpower
10% elemental resist
none 1150
Elven Cowl The clothes of the reclusive elven folk, who weave spells into cloth and steel. 7 Armor
15 Spellpower
none 770
Witch's Garb The tell-tale robes and hat of a practitioner of witchcraft. 5 Armor
13 Spellpower
none 480
Wizard's Robe Worn by many mages throughout Haggerdom. They're like pajamas, but with magic! 4 Armor
10 Spellpower
none 250
Apprentice Clothes The dusty clothes and crooked hat of the traveling mage. 2 Armor
8 Spellpower
none 90

Monk Armor[]

Name Description Defense & Effects Requirements Base Cost
Wraps of the Dragon This crimson robe, worn by powerful monks, is imbued with justice and ferocity. 28 Armor

+5% dodge

+10% cooldown speed

STR 18

DEX 18

Garb of the West Wind The robes of an ancient order of monks who train both body and mind to be the ultimate weapon. 25 Armor
+4% dodge/crit
STR 15
DEX 15
Silent Master's Robes The silent master strikes swiftly, leaving his foes in ruins before they realize the battle is joined. 22 Armor
+4% dodge/attack speed
STR 13
DEX 13
Monk Robes The robes of traveling monks commonly found throughout haggerdom. 16 Armor
+3% dodge

Ninja Armor[]

Name Description Defense & Effects Requirements Base Cost
White Ninja Gi Like a ghost, the white ninja strikes without mercy. 22 Armor
+6% movement/attack speed
STR 15
SKL 18
Ninja Gi Black as night, your foes will never see you coming. 18 Armor
+5% movement/attack speed
SKL 11 1800


Name Description Defense & Effects Requirements Base Cost
Draconic Bulwark An indestructible wall of ancient ore, scale and bone. 10 Armor Shield Training skill ?4000
Crimson Shield Faint runes are graven on this shield, bestowing a protective boon. 8 Armor Shield Training skill 2700
Tower Shield An imposing shield that protects the wielder from head to toe. 6 Armor Shield Training skill 1425
Knight Shield A simple shield emblazoned with the sigil of some long forgotten lineage. 4 Armor Shield Training skill 510
Round Shield A simple round shield that provides a small boost to armor. 2 Armor Shield Training skill 110

Legendary Tier Armors[]

Name Description Stats  Effects Requirements
Cowl of the Red Fang2.png
Beneath this hood lies the face of death. 29 Armor +5% crit, +50% critical effect 20 DEX
Robes of the Shadowmancer.png
Wreathed in skulls and forbidden runes, these robes infuse the wearer with unspeakable destructive power

21 Armor

35 Spellpower

+5% crit, +10% instant c.d.
Mor'doth Doomplate.png
Indestructible, it feeds on the fear of the living. 

44 Armor

+5 weapon power, +5% life steal 25 END
Draconic Bulwark.png
An indestructible wall of ancient ore, scale and bone. 10 Armor none Shield Training skill