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Introduction Edit

This page is result of 2 tests I run. Inspired by pics of 1015lv character on this wiki. Rough calculation showed that daggers' attack is increased by something above 0.7xDEX stat. Tests were conducted on up-to-date Android version of the game.

My 1st test was copying character with 38 spare points, adding them all to one stat and checking resulting weapon power change on many different weapons (at least 2 per logical category). Results were far too inconclusive for my tastes. What it did reveal was that there are clearly weapon categories: 1-handed weapons, daggers, bows, staffs, colossal weapons, fist weapons, light swords (and rapier is not one of them), and Morningstar. I also learned that additional attack power from stats is not based on weapon attack power. Adding to that my calculations based on pictures of 1055lv DEX-based character I was able to conclude that increase in weapon power from stats is most definitely linear.

My 2nd test was using 82 spare points.

Global multiplier Edit

Using 2 Crowns of Sundering I approximated global Attack Power multiplier. Daggers got 9 attack, Fists something like 8.5, Staffs and Bows 15, Colossal weapons 12.5 per Crown. Other weapons got 10 attack per Crown. Further tests showed the same happens to Grit's 0.5 x Endurance attack bonus. This multiplier may not actually affect attack bonus from stats - this is just my theory to explain strange multipliers I got in 82 point test. This Global multiplier is there to compensate for Attack Rate of different weapons. It is my theory that those multipliers are used only for auto-attacks, but I did not test it.

Values (82pt test) Edit

1-handed light Dagger Morningstar Fist Colossal Bow Staff
Starting 78 83 89 42 74 82 148 106
DEX 103 124 148
STR 136 116
100 108 185 173





Theoretical multipliers Edit

1-handed light Dagger Morningstar Fist Colossal Bow Staff
Global 1 1 0.9 1 0.83 1.25 1.5 1.5
DEX 0.3 0.5 0.72 (0.9x0.8)
0.415 (0.83x0.5)
1.2 (1.5x0.8)
STR 0.7 0.4 0.18 (0.9x0.2) 0.7 0.415 (0.83x0.5) 1.25 (1.25x1) 0.3 (1.5x0.2)




1.5 (1.5x1)

Fun facts Edit

Even though it may seem it is impossible (due to frame size on character screen), you can accumulate over 100 points.