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Attributes are required to learn skills, wear equipment, and affect the performance of your character. There are six core attributes. You start with a score of 5 in each of them, and can add 3 points every time you level up.


Strength (STR) allow you to wield more powerful melee weapons, deal more damage with them and utilize many hand-to-hand combat skills. Every point of strength adds:

  • 1.25 attack power to colossal weapons
  • 0.7 attack power to regular one-handed weapons
  • 0.415 attack power to fist weapons
  • 0.4 attack power to light swords
  • 0.3 attack power to bows
  • 0.18 attack power to daggers


Dexterity (DEX) allows the use of bows and other light weapons, increases their effectiveness, and improves your ability to dodge attacks. Every point of dexterity adds:

  • 0.5% dodge chance for each point beyond 5 DEX
    • Caps at 65 DEX (30% dodge)
  • 1.2 attack power to bows
  • 0.72 attack power to daggers
  • 0.5 attack power to light swords
  • 0.415 attack power to fist weapons
  • 0.3 attack power to regular one-handed weapons


Intelligence (INT) is the primary stat of spellcasters, increases the power of magical skills and allows you to wield staves and other arcane tools. Every point of intelligence adds:

  • 1 spell power
  • 1.5 attack power to staves
  • 0.5 attack power to elemental-powered weapons


Skill (SKL) increases the critical hit chance of all attacks and is key to wielding many diverse spells and abilities. Every point of skill adds:

  • 0.5% crit chance
  • 0.2 attack power to light swords


Endurance (END) affects your maximum health and allows the use of heavy armor, as well as many abilities demanding a rugged constitution. Every point of endurance adds:

  • 5 hit points
  • 0.3 attack power to the Morningstar


Charisma (CHA) improves the prices of items you buy and sell and is demanded by skills that require great leadership and willpower. Every point of charisma beyond 5 CHA:

  • Reduces the cost of items by 1%
  • Increases selling prices of items by 3.5%
    • Caps at 45 CHA when the selling and buying prices are equal

CHA also increases holy spells' effectiveness, and some companions' stats.

Secondary Attributes[]

Scrolling up on your core attributes in the character sheet will reveal additional information such as Crit %, Health, Attack Speed, etc.