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Through Strength and Intelligence, Battlemages infuse their weapons with spell power to deal additional damage with every strike. Battlemages also specialize in anti-magic, and have the ability to silence other magic users and shrug off status effects.

How to Unlock[]

Get a quest from the barracks in The Capital. Then head to Desert Outpost - Fugitive Hideout on the west side of the map along the chasm (Lvl 7) and make it to the end to see an epic showdown between a Battlemage and a Rogue Wizard. After the Battlemage wins, go talk to him and ask him to train you. At first he will deny you then you have to leave the dungeon. You will then find the Battlemage in a random encounter on the world map. Help him kill the bandits, then ask him once more and he will agree to train you, meeting you at the Capital Academy.

Recommended Level: Lv.7+ | If you are too weak then the battlemage will be killed by bandits when you encounter him on the world map.

There is an opportunity when you first meet the Battlemage trainer to still claim the bounty after he takes your kill. This requires a few points in Charisma and asking him to let you claim the bounty before inquiring about training. There is another opportunity to collect the bounty and learn battlemage skills after you save him from the bandits as well.

Battlemage Skills[]

Skill Description Cooldown Requirement
Flame Weapon
While active, weapon attacks deal fire damage, are strenghtened by your spell power, and have a 10% increased crit chance. Lasts until cancelled. 10 Sec



50 Gold

Mana Strike.jpg
Mana Strike
Requires Flame, Arctic or Thundering Weapon active, and behaves differently with each*. Changing elements resets Mana Strike's cooldown. 10 Sec

10 STR


75 Gold

Arcane Potency.jpg
Arcane Potency
Increases critical damage with all spells by 50%. Passive

11 STR

11 INT

100 Gold

Arctic Weapon.png
Artic Weapon
While active, weapon attacks deal ice damage, are strengthened by your spell power, and randomly chill your foes. Lasts until cancelled. 10 Sec

13 STR

12 INT

125 Gold

Ghost Hand.png
Ghost Hand
Your target is seized by an arcane force, pulling them into melee range and briefly stunning them in the process. 6 Sec

15 STR

14 INT

150 Gold

Time Warp.png
Time Warp
Grants a 5% chance for your abilities to not consume their cooldown when used. Passive

17 STR

16 INT

175 Gold

Thundering Weapon.png
Thundering Weapon
While active, weapon attacks deal lightning damage, are strenghtened by your spell power, and randomly stun your foes. Lasts until cancelled. 10 Sec

19 STR

18 INT

200 Gold

Spell Eater.png
Spell Eater
Grants you a 20% chance that whenever you are struck by a spell, it heals you instead of harming you. Passive

21 STR

21 INT

225 Gold

Removes all negative effects from your body, and unleashes a retaliatory explosion around you. 1 sec

24 STR

23 INT

250 Gold

Elemental Warding.png
Elemental Warding
Reduces all fire, frost and lightning damage taken by 25%. Passive

26 STR

26 INT

275 Gold

Twin Disciplines.png
Twin Disciplines
Your physical attacks have a 10% chance to grant your next magic attack 100% chance to critically strike. Passive

29 STR

29 INT

300 Gold

Disrupt the magical abilities of all nearby enemies, preventing them from casting spells for 8 seconds. 25 Sec

32 STR

32 INT

325 Gold

Grants a mystical shield which absorbs damage equal to 5x your spell power. If the shield breaks, your damage dealt is increased 20% for 5 seconds. 15 Sec

35 STR

36 INT

350 Gold


*With Flame Weapon active the Battlemage will spin in a circle hitting everything around him/her twice.

With Arctic Weapon active the Battlemage will jump up and do an over the head smash attack causing a line of ice to shoot out of the ground and strike all enemies in a line.

With Thundering Weapon active the Battlemage charges a lightning attack to stun the target for about a second.