• TheO0032

    June 24th, 2018

    June 24, 2018 by TheO0032

    Just finishing up a Necromancer/Wizard build, eager to complete the game without ever switching the difficulty. Also didn't help Eliza, also eager to see what happens at the end if you don't save her. Using life drain and Dark Harvest as healing, I can't even take damage it's so overpowered. update: Just finished the game, beat Morduin first try, and the end was pretty uneventful, all that happened was that a person from the Royal Guard (The ones who wanted Eliza dead) rescued me instead. For some reason, the screenshots aren't uploading correctly so I can't show them.

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  • Battlehard101

    A few updates

    March 18, 2017 by Battlehard101

    An update on my Barb, she has completed the highest difficulty in 25 hours, spawning 2 NG+ copies, one INT (Witch/Necro/Minor Wizard), one DEX (Ranger/Rogue/Ninja), will make a tank but somehow tank gameplay feels boring.

    Also updates from my real life as well. I've been bored looking for a good challenge (that's also the reason why I redownloaded this game for the highest difficulty), and I've been playing Dark Souls for a while (which makes pushing the difficulty bar to the max an instinct) and got addicted to it actually. Recently defeated Ornstein & Smough after 3 days of tryhard.

    That's enough of the real life. Back to this wiki, I feel like the fanbase isn't large enough, and I can't really make a talk about anything and interact with …

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  • Battlehard101


    January 31, 2017 by Battlehard101

    2017, I'm finally redownloading this game since I haven't even completed insane mode.

    It truly is insane. I suck. Though I'm still rocking my traditional almost pure Barb (with makeshift Aura of Light lifesteal and smoke bomb and BARD CHARM). It's still really squishy with Enrage on though, so I might need to get some END or tanking skills.

    I started with a bow because I thought it'd be best to kite for minimal damage taken. Turns out I wasn't doing well even though Sneak Attack gives dodge. I got some CHA at like Lv. 6 or something for Charming to divert enemy focus. Though its cooldown is too damn high. I also bought 2 Regen rings to save potions.

    I died a lot really, like I was playing this game for the first time. Bows are too slow and ca…

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  • Celendria


    January 2, 2017 by Celendria


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  • Xunderscore

    This Blog is inspired by the amazing Bpcookson's (hope you see this!)"The Wizened Wizard," blog which I had tons of fun reading it. I wanted to do something similar so here it is.

    So, after finally beating the game with a combination of a Battlemage/Wizard/Ninja, I've decided to stray away from the Wiki's Character Builds section and try to make my own build. I'll be using the New Game+ function to complete my build, however I'll completely finish the skill trees of the classes I'll be using and give you my opinion on them and their skills. I'm no pro at it, but I already the end result in mind. I'm hoping this'll turn out to be a good one, and if not, at least I had fun :D Well, let's get started.

    The focus of my first play through is to ge…

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  • Sueyguy

    blood magic

    July 16, 2016 by Sueyguy

    recently i have been using the blood magic witch active ability alot. I find it super interresting to use as its a huge power boost to your damage as well as a great challenge to use since it burns your health bar although thier are many ways to deal with that set back i find the skill overall very fun to use and it makkes the game a real challenge especially early on.

    so far i have tried a magic build where i use only periodic effect attacks or summon monster spells (primarly the muumy) and life drain. the goal of the build is to get the passive impending doom (whether you get it from new game+ or train it is up to you, although i prefer to start with it in new game plus as it requires you to differ to much from a more INT bassed build). s…

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  • Bpcookson

    Wizened Wizard

    June 10, 2014 by Bpcookson

    So after much muddling about with various characters, only two of which surpassed lv.20 (a Monk and a Necromancer), I finally decided it was time for a proper Wizard. I must say, starting out with Chain Lightning and no staff is slow and painful. Unfortunately, getting the staff at lv.3 doesn't make it much better. Meteor at lv.4 seemed pretty cool, but I was still a sitting duck after blowing my CD's. Then comes Wild Magic, and it helps to have more crits, but that's rather unreliable. The third active ability, Blizzard, finally gives you something to work with. You can start kiting melee mobs, which is nice, but it gets tricky real quick in tight spaces.

    Finally, at lv.7, you get Teleport. Now THIS is something I could work with. The prob…

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