You can buy gear at these locations:

  • the first town of Eston
    • including quest for "Superior Ore"
  • the City Center
  • Forbidden library (accessories only)

Arena Gear ListEdit

Legendary items with a golden border are given as a reward for any Arena run over 96 (You must reach Wave 20).


Robes of the Shadowmancer
21 Armour, 35 Spell Power, 5 Crit, 10% Instant CD
Wreathed in skulls and forbidden runes, these robes infuse the wearer with unspeakable destructive power. (+5% crit, +10% instant c.d)

Cowl of the Red Fang Requires: 20 DEX
29 Armour, 5% crit, 50% critical damage
Beneath this hood lies the face of death. (+5% crit chance, +50% critical damage)

Mor'doth Doomplate
Requires: 25 END
44 Armour, 5 weapon damage, 5% life steal
Indestructible, it feeds on the fear of the living. (+5 Weapon Damage, +5% life steal.



Witherstrike Sword - 35 Attack Power
This unholy blade devours the souls of those it slays, and ultimately, its wielder.
Divinity Mace - 35 Attack Power
This ornate scpeter is a conduit to the heavens. A power beyond yourself guides your hand to smite the wicked.
Bael's Bloodreaper Axe - 35 Attack Power
A relic from the first age, wielded by one of Haggerdom's valiant protectors.
Tombcaller Dagger - 32 Attack Power
It strikes not at your foes flesh, but the very tether that holds them on this mortal plane.
Feung's Legacy Fist - 31 Attack Power
Once worn by the most powerful monk in Haggerdom's history, who helped rescue the continent from the brink of destruction hundreds of years ago.


Mad Smith's Gloomblade Colossal - 39 Power
(Colossal) The final work of a smith renowned for his skill, but who's life work slowly drove him insane. His blades are equally unstable.
The Scourging Inferno Fire Element Staff - 102 Power (unconfirmed, backwards engineered from my Int levels)
Grants total dominion over magical energies
Hurricane Requires: DEX 10 SKL 20
Bow - 55 Power
A bow said to house the force of 10,000 unrelenting storms

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