Battleheartlegacy Wiki

Death has the following consequences:

  • You are returned to the World Map
  • You lose 20% of your current gold

These consequences are not terribly egregious, but everyone likes gold and nobody likes to lose it. Here are a few tips to minimize the impact of death:

  • Only sell unused items when you need the cash to make an immediate purchase
  • Only venture into difficult new areas after spending all your on-hand cash
  • The game saves everytime you return to the World Map.  If you die, close and then terminate the game before you get returned to the World Map.  Reopen the game.  It should display the "Battleheart: Legacy" intro screen and when you select your player, you'll have all the gold before you entered the area where you died.

Basically, the more gold you have hanging around, the more you stand to lose.