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Gold is the currency in the world of Haggerdom in Battleheart Legacy.  


Here are some strategies for earning money and keeping it:

  • Adding a few points into CHA (Charisma) decreases the price of buying items and increases the price of selling items. However CHA no longer improves the price of items once reaching 45 CHA, when the sale price and purchasement price are equal.
  • A Bard passive skill gives +25% for all gold picked up.  This is the second thing you can learn as a Bard, making it a possible early way to get $$$.
  • Don't die - you lose 20% of your gold each time you perish.
    • However, items in your inventory are unaffected by your death and since your inventory is unlimited it is a viable strategy to hold on to all items until you need the cash. This also has the advantage of getting better sell-prices after increasing your Charisma.
  • Some Accessories items can boost your gold intake. Such as Banditt's Satchel (+20% Gold) and Glove of the Thief (+10% Gold).
  • Legendary items in the colosseum can sell for a lot of gold. Getting Legendary equipment requires at least 80 kills, with the exception of Draconic Bulwark which only requires 60 kills minimum.
  • Repeating bosses that give treasure is a quick way to earn both Gold and XP.
  • If you die in the sealed cave and talk to the bandit a second time he gives you 50 gold for being a 'tough cookie'. If you leave the area and come back you can get the 50 gold again forever. This is a way to get Unlimited Money.
    • If you have a lot of money and you die in the Sealed Cave, you will lose more then you gain back, so it is unadvisable.