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These are various Hero Builds to follow if you are stumped on what to do.

The content of the builds must include: Skills (Active and Passive) and equipment. You can add extra things to it if you like.


Build Tool[]

A tool to work out the costs/requirements of your build.

Build Tool v3

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Mistakes found in the skill list for Barb and Monk. (thanks to Bpcookson, much appreciated)

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A big thanks to YouAssassin for taking the time to add further functionality. The skill finder section now informs of the skill's requirements to learn.

I have also added a warning for when the same skill is selected more than once. This would skew the total requirements calculation.

From an anonymous contributor: If you have troubles getting past a "The data you entered in cell XX violates the data validation rules set on this cell.", try expanding the sheet (little button at the top right of it), select the AI5:AI16 range and change the format to plain text. Should be working.

Lord of Polluted Fire[]

By Celendria

This build focuses on clearing multiple enemies, efficient in Colosseum. It is easy to play, but quite difficult to master. All the skills in this build can be learnt when you reach level 27 without the use of Bard's Generalist. The skills in this build cost 5175 gold in total.


  • STR: N/A
  • DEX: N/A
  • END: N/A
  • INT: 37
  • SKL: 14
  • CHA: 19


Active Skills[]

  1. Drain Life (Witch), your only healing spell. Heals you for the damage healed. With the right equipment, this skill can heal you to full HP. Use this wisely, precisely when you are low on health, using it when you need it may cause you not able to use it when you need it the most, possibly causing death. Note that the heal moves slow, so it'll take time for the heal to reach you.
  2. Tornado (Witch), despite the skill description, this skill does not slow down your enemies. Instead, it groups them together. And that is why we are using this.
  3. Horror (Witch), your emergency button. It frightens, paralyzes, and can even cause instant death to the enemies around you. The austerity of this spell's effect increases the closer the prey.
  4. Meteor (Wizard), your main AoE spell. It deals massive fire damage around your target. Linking Meteor onto Tornado will be your strategy in clearing multiple enemies.
  5. Soul Mass (Necromancer), could be replaced with Slay Living (Necromancer) or Calamity (Witch).
  6. Corpse Explosion (Necromancer), this spell deals gargantuan fire damage when there are 3 corpses. It has a very little delay as well. For more explanation on how this skill works, see my post about it here.
  7. Teleport (Wizard), always keep this up. Timing Teleport can be crucial to avoid charge attacks and charge when Drain Life is on cooldown.
  8. Anything

Passive Skills[]

  1. Staff Master (Wizard), for obvious reasons.
  2. Wild Magic (Wizard), the +10% Spell Critical Chance is handy as this is the only skill that increases Spell Critical Chance in this build.
  3. Mass Destruction (Wizard), the +10% damage addition is very useful because it increases the damage of all types of spells.
  4. Dark Arts (Witch), since most of the damaging skills we use are unholy spells, we will be using this.
  5. Life Leech (Witch), although it only gives a small amount of life drain, it can still potentially heal you for a lot of HP.
  6. Anything



  • The Scourging Inferno. The best staff obtainable in the game, although its rank is strong, so getting it is not easy.


  • Robes of the Shadowmancer. The only robe with a legendary rank. Gives +5% Critical Chance and +10% Instant Cooldown Chance. This armor supplies the maximum possible spell power increase of 35.
  • Battlemage Rainment. Some of you may prefer this over the other armors due to its useful effects (+6% Attack/Cooldown Speed), though this armor gives 4 less spell power in comparison to the Robes of the Shadowmancer, it presents you with better defense power.
  • Cowl of the Red Fang (Requires 20 DEX). Despite the fact that this armor does not offer any spell power at all, it is a still good armor to use due to it granting +5% Critical Chance and +50% Critical Effect. This armor also provides you with moderate defense since it is a light armor and not a robe. The +50% Critical Effect is a hefty amount and is the main reason why some (including me) chose to use this instead. My personal preferred armor for this build.
  • Crystalweave Robe. If you wish to have some spell power and also Critical Chance and Critical Effect, then this robe is for you. It adds spell power 1 less than Battlemage Rainment, but it furnishes with +3% Critical Chance and +20% Critical Effect.


  • Almanac of Annihilation. This trinket offers +20% Cooldown Speed. Two of these, combined with Student of the Mind, awards you with a substantial +55% Cooldown Speed. Essentially, that cuts the cooldown of skills by more than half, allowing you to use skills much more often.
  • Leviathan Scale. A great trinket to use with Cowl of the Red Fang or Crystalweave Robe. This trinket makes the bonus Critical Effect more visible as it amplifies the Critical Chance you have. Adds +8 Spell Power and +10% Critical Chance.
  • Howling Sickle. This compliments with Cowl of the Red Fang or Crystalweave Robe as well. This trinket bestows upon you with +10% Critical Chance and +30% Critical Effect. That, with the effect of the one of the two armors, provides an excellent amount of Critical Chance and Critical Effect. My personal favored trinket for this build.
  • Black Candle. If you covet to see colossal numbers, then this trinket is what you'll want to use. It offers you with +50% Critical Effect. Two pairs of these, combined with Arcane Potency, and Cowl of the Red Fang, provides you with a lethal 3.5X Spell Critical Effect. Alas, this trinket accords no Critical Chance. And Critical Effect only multiplies your damage if you do a critical hit. I recommend against using this trinket if you have little to no Critical Chance.


Always have Teleport on. In Colosseum, group enemies first with Tornado, after that bombard them with Meteor. After some enemies are dead, use Corpse Explosion to finish the remaining off.

Soul Mass serves as the main single-target damaging skill, note that Soul Mass will attack your target enemy, not the nearest one. Soul Mass deals high damage IF you can make all the malevolent spirits to attack just one enemy. If you do not like needing to get close to your target to cast it, or having to land all the hits to get the full damage, then you may replace it with Slay Living or Calamity. Slay Living to discard those annoying healers and Green Cyclops from the battlefield, however only a few chance it has for it to instantly kill your target. Calamity is self-explanatory, the damage dealt with it is almost the same as Soul Mass, but at 1X Cooldown Speed, Calamity has 24 seconds cooldown, while Soul Mass only has 12.

Life Leech and Drain Life are all survivability skills. Life Leech unified with Corpse Explosion heals you for a small amount, especially when there are 3 corpses and multiple enemies.

The Spellsword[]

A build that is a Battlemage, but more Mage than anything, and uses the Impending Doom's power.

Active Skills[]

  • Time Stop: This lets you grab a break against enemies.
  • Blood Magic: Essential because it powers up magic abilities.
  • Revenge: Very powerful against heavy hitters as it blows it back.
  • Mana Strike: Crowd control or single damage (Depends on playstyle).
  • Victory Banner: Extra damage is important and crit chance is too.
  • Stealth: Like Blood Magic, Stealth boosts physical attacks instead.
  • Aegis: Use if Revenge is down.
  • Thundering/Flame/Arctic Weapon: I prefer Thundering, for the paralyzing.

Passive Skills[]

  • Impending Doom: To take advantage of all the crits this does
  • Wild Magic: Crits are important.
  • Lethality: Extra damage because we're already doing a lot of crits.
  • Arcane Potency: Look above.
  • Lethal Edge: Extra physical crits.
  • Grit: Essential to all builds.

Equipment (That I chose)[]

  • Weapon: Witherstrike
  • Armour: Robes of the Shadowmancer
  • Trinket I: Blazesong Amulet
  • Trinket II: Leviathan Scale

Remember, this build is flexible, so it can be changed A LOT. This build is fun and unique. Here's a tip, try to shove a bit of life drain or use Holy Word to compensate for no health regeneration. Due to the fact that I almost always play with unlimited potions.

The Avenger[]

A build centered around Revenge (Knight final skill), capable of dealing and nullifying massive damage using whatever equipment you feel like using.

Revenge is a truly wonderful skill. It reflects ALL damage (including ranged and spell attacks!), can do critical hits (which means it can trigger Impending Doom!), and the damage can be boosted in various ways. Most importantly, it scales with enemy level (the harder the enemies hit, the harder Revenge hits them back), making this a powerful build for both boss-killing and the Colosseum even without elite gear.

The focus of this build is keeping Revenge up at all times using Impending Doom, nullifying damage with Aura of Light, and boosting Revenge damage (which helps both kill speed and healing from Aura of Light).


  • Premeditate (Ranger) [required]: Revenge should never be activated directly; always use Premeditate to activate Revenge. This reduces Revenge's cooldown from 30 seconds to 15 seconds. Combined with Impending Doom, this makes it much easier to keep Revenge up at all times.
  • Revenge (Knight) [required]: see above.
  • Aura of Light (Paladin) [required]: Main survival skill. With enough boosts to Revenge damage, this can heal more damage than enemy attacks deal to you, keeping your health topped off at all times.
  • Victory Banner (Knight) [optional]: The 50% critical chance boost makes it very easy to reach 100% critical chance (to trigger Impending Doom constantly), and the 20% damage boost means faster kills and more healing (thanks to Aura of Light).
  • Power Infusion (Paladin) [optional]: The 50% damage boost means faster kills and more healing (thanks to Aura of Light).
  • Frenzy (Barbarian) [optional]: The cooldown speed increase is great, and the attack speed increase helps trigger Impending Doom more often.
  • Tornado (Witch) [optional]: Great method for triggering Impending Doom more often.
  • Radiance (Paladin) [optional]: Another great method for triggering Impending Doom, and to quickly finish off the last few stragglers in a round.

Note: With fist weapons, you'll have so many opportunities to trigger Impending Doom that Premeditate becomes irrelevant. Karma Kick, Savage Pounce, or Ghost Hand are great tools to bring long-ranged foes into close-quarters combat. Silence is best for the arena due to the fact that mages come to you.


  • Impending Doom (Ninja) [required]: Main cooldown reduction skill.
  • Lethality (Ninja) [optional]: From my testing, seems to give a nice boost to Revenge critical hits.
  • Favored Soul (Bard) [optional]: Makes it easier to keep Revenge (and boosts) up at all times.
  • Wild Magic (Wizard) [optional]: The 10% critical chance boost on spells is helpful when leveling. If/when you can reach 100% critical chance on spells without this skill, consider replacing it with Arcane Potency (Battlemage).
  • Student of the Mind (Wizard) [optional]: Makes it easier to keep Revenge (and boosts) up at all times.
  • Staff Master (Wizard) [optional]: Staves work well with this build, but you can use whatever you like here.


  • Weapons: Anything. I like staves to boost damage boosts on Tornado and Radiance (and Revenge too, as far as I can tell).
  • Armor: Anything with helpful properties. I like boosts to critical hit chance and damage.
  • Accessories: Anything with helpful properties. I like boosts to critical hit chance and damage.


  • Enough to meet requirements for your choice of skills and equipment.
  • Enough Skill to reach 100% critical chance with your choice of skills and equipment.
  • Leftovers can go anywhere you want EXCEPT Dexterity, because you want minimal dodge.

How it works[]

  • When enemies appear, activate Premeditate, then Revenge.
  • Then activate Aura of Light and anything else you want.
  • Refresh skills on cooldown (again, don't activate Revenge directly, use Premeditate).


Immortal Tanker[]

Follow the steps, I dare you to try dying


  • Premeditate (Ranger) *Required
  • Last Stand (Barbarian) *Required
  • Aegis (Battlemage) *Required
  • Frenzy (Barbarian) *Important but not required
  • Aura of light/Holy Word(Paladin) *Important but not required
  • Caltrops (Ninja) *Important but not required
  • Radiance (Paladin) *Optional but Powerful
  • Revenge (Knight) *Optional but Powerful
  • Ultimate (All Class)


  • Preferred weapon: Dual Wield, Archery, Staff Master, Colossal weapons, Shield Training
  • Favoured Soul (Bard) *Important but not required
  • Impending Doom (Ninja) *Important but not required
  • Student of the mind (Wizard) *Important but not required
  • Death Wish (Barbarian) *Optional but Powerful
  • Anything


  • Weapons: Anything
  • Armor: Anything
  • Accessories: Almanac of Annihilation X2 or any cooldown or higher crit chance)

Basic requirements[]

  1. High spell power
  2. Some cooldowns or crit chance

How it works:[]

1.Use Aegis to start tanking

2. If Aegis is down and low on health, use premeditate then Last Stand.

3. Frenzy to lower cooldown for error margins.

4. Caltrops and Impending Doom can reduce cooldown A LOT.

5. Heal if you can, and if you cannot, Last stand

6. Have fun destroying everything with low cooldown Revenge and Radiance. ;)

Works Best in Arena.

Remember to copy your save file before you go crazy and kill all trainers for fun.

High DPS Paladin/Ninja[]


Aura of Light: (Paladin) For 10 seconds, all of your attacks will heal you for 25% of the damage dealt.

Holy Word: (Paladin) Utter a word of prayer to heal your wounds.

Radiance: (Paladin) A flash of holy light consumes the battlefield damaging and knocking foes to the ground.

Flame Weapon: (Battlemage) While active, weapon attacks deal fire damage, are strengthened by your spell power, and have a 10% increased critical strike chance. Lasts until canceled.

Mana Strike: (Battlemage) Requires Flame, Artic or Thundering Weapon active, and behaves differently with each. Changing elements resets Mana Strike's cooldown.

Twin Strikes: (Ninja) Lash out with two weapons at once, striking for 3.5x damage with each hand. Requires dual-wielding

Blade Rush: (Ninja) Fly to your target, damaging each enemy on path.

Frenzy: (Barbarian) Enter a frenzied state for 8 seconds, greatly increasing attack speed and cooldown speed.


Adrenaline Rush: (Barbarian) When you kill an enemy, you recover some health and gain a temporary movement speed increase.

Punishment: (Paladin) Increases critical strike chance with unarmed attacks and blunt weapons by 10%.

Thundering Blows: (Monk) Increases all damage dealt with blunt weapons and unarmed attacks by 10%.

Twin Disciplines: (Battlemage) Your physical attacks have a 10% chance to grant your next magic attack 100% chance to critically strike.

Dual Wield: (Ninja) Allows you to dual wield one-handed melee weapons

Impending Doom: (Ninja) Each time you crit, your cooldowns are reduced by 1 second.


Divinty. This ornate scepter is a conduit to the heavens. A power beyond yourself guides your hand to smite the wiked. 36 Attack Power. No stat requirements.

Battlemage Raiment: Adorned with gemstones and runes, this armor is energized with mana. 24 Armor 31 Spellpower. 6% attack and cooldown speed. Don't need much, but do need some armor. This will give us a boost to spell power and that flows to melee. Also we need the cool down reduction.

Almanac of Annihilation Textbook of forbidden arcane arts, which ultimately led to Haggerdom's second great witch hunt. +20% Cooldown Speed x2.

How it works[]

1st you have massive melee power when you turn on Flame Weapon. Now how to play. Fly in with blade rush. Use Mana strike. Use Radiance. use Frenzy. If low on health use holy word & Aura of Light. Keep using frenzy when off cooldown. You have a massive 46% cool down speed reduction. With your 30% critical strike rate and impending doom you will always have a skill to spam. I found this to be far more effective than just adding damage or extra critical chance. Now i didn't go with Life Leech for the simple fact Adrenaline Rush heals far better with the speed that your killing things. Most will die with 1 blade rush. This works on hard mode super easy. And its just plain fun. hard. No stat req. Has dmg and crit passive mod's. And nuttin says a holy beat down like a good ole mace.

Ninja Nuke[]

Relying mainly on Stealth and Blade Rush, the build is capable of dealing up to 5000+ damage with merely 80-90 attack per hand (dual wield). Very potent on colosseum.


  • Stealth (Rogue) - Turn invisible, and makes the next 1 skill get 100% critical rate and +50% damage, very important for this build. After each wave of enemies, use this skill, there should be a brief period where you are out of combat.
  • Blade Rush (Ninja) - the bread and butter, this skill will do around 4 times your attack to your target, and DOUBLE that damage to the other enemies along the way. Make sure you target the furthest enemy on the screen, and then walk to the other side, to get the most of it.
  • Lullaby (Bard) - sleeps every enemy on the screen, allows you to stealth + blade rush even if the battle has started.
  • Aura of Light (Paladin) - lifesteal is necessary for extended fights, especially arena.
  • ~~The rest are just personal preference, and I gear it for better survival and single target dps to clean up the rest of the battle.
  • Shadowstep (Rogue)/Assassinate (Ninja) - both are very strong single target attack, very good to instant kill any leftovers. Since assassinate deals lesser damage on full health enemy, use Shadowstep instead if you have dagger as your main weapon.
  • Flame Weapon (Battlemage) - Helps to increase damage, and the 10% critical bonus is handy
  • Frenzy (Barbarian) / Song of Inspiration (Bard) / Song of War (Bard) / Premeditate (Ranger) / Victory Banner (Knight) / Power Infusion (Paladin) - Each serves a different purpose, so choose depending on your personal gripe.


  • Dual Wield (Ninja) - Necessary stuff
  • Impending Doom (Ninja) - Helps with prolonged battles
  • Lethality (Ninja) - Improves damage greatly
  • Grit (Knight) - The damage is nice, and the debuff reduction helps a lot
  • Armsman (Knight) & Lethal Edge (Rogue) - Helps the damage if you use bladed weapons


2x Howling Sickle (2x 10% crit, 30% crit damage) if you prefer a more balanced build

2x Black Candle (2x 50% crit damage) if you want bigger numbers


Turn on the flaming weapon, go stealth. Find the enemies and then figure out a line where you can cross the most enemies. Target the enemy at the end of the line, stand at the other end of that line, and then Blade Rush and see the magic. You can use lullaby in case you got caught off guard / poisoned and can't stealth mid battle. After the first nuke, you should be able to clear the rest with your other skills.


The standard magic user build. Does great AOE damage, single damage, and DOT. With help with your mummy buddy and spells you stay just out of your enemies' reach. It can be fully built by level 26.


  • Wandering plague (Necromancer)
  • Summon Mummy (Necromancer)
  • Drain life (Witch)
  • Calamity (Witch)
  • Tornado (Witch)
  • Chain lightning (Wizard)
  • Meteor (Wizard)
  • Teleport (Wizard)


  • Army of doom (Necromancer)
  • Life leech (Witch)
  • Dark arts (Witch)
  • Wild magic (Wizard)
  • Staff mastery (Wizard)
  • Student of the mind (Wizard)


Anything that reduces cool down.


Always make sure tornado or blizzard are up and you have teleport on. This makes it really easy to dodge attacks. Your mummy buddy does a good job being a distraction but can't always be there. Wandering plague is the best poison, it has infinite duration and hops onto to a new enemies once the current host dies. During big fights,ts it will often kill 2-3 enemies by itself. And as you might expect it is amazing during boss fights. Drain life is great heal spell and combined with life leech you shouldn't be hurting on health. Chain lightning and meteor are just fast and deal good damage, you can replace them if you want. Calamity is just a nice big gun against a single enemy.


Build by DirewolfGhost

This build focuses on making an effective battlemage at a very low level.[]

Level 10 abilities are on the left with advancement to the right.


  • Mana Strike (Battlemage)
  • Drain Life (Witch)
  • Wandering Plague (Necromancer)
  • Intimidate (Knight)
  • Defend (Knight) -> Shield Wall (Knight) @ 12 -> Horror (Witch) @ 19
  • Aura of Light (Paladin) -> Power Infusion (Paladin) @ 23
  • Charm (Bard) -> Mass Hysteria (Necromancer) @ 25
  • Flame Weapon (Battlemage)


  • Shield Training (Knight)
  • Armsman (Knight) -> Aura of Disease (Necromancer) @ 27
  • Tainted Blood (Necromancer) -> Toxic Affinity (Witch) @ 15 -> Life Leech @ 22
  • Arcane Potency (Battlemage) -> Grit (Knight) @ 13
  • Lasting Affliction (Witch)
  • Dark Arts (Witch)


  • STR: 11 -> 14
  • DEX: 5
  • INT: 16 -> 40
  • SKL: 5
  • END: 11 -> 24
  • CHA: 9 -> 20


Best Armor: Battlemage Raiment (24 armor, 31 spellpower, 6% attack speed, 6% cooldown)

Best Weapon: Witherstrike (best sword)

Best Shield: Draconic Bulwark (best shield)

Best Accessories: Antique Hourglass (18% attack speed, 13% cooldown) and/or Zombie Flesh (7 armor, 6 spellpower)

Strategy @ 10:[]

This has a lot of built in sustain and control. Charm is great for skirmishes because well-positioned it can stop all threat to you and make their biggest threat easy to kill. Wandering Plague is great for the big stuff or boss fights. Intimidate, Defend and Drain Life are all great emergency buttons. Aura of light lets you ignore potions most fights when combined with Mana Strike (amazing AoE) and Drain Life.

Strategy @ 27:

The build can be completed by 27. Your whole battleplan is to keep everything CCed with Intimidate, Horror, Mass Hysteria, Lasting Affliction and cooldown reduction. You have good AoE with Manastrike and Aura of Disease, Good sustain with Drain Life and Life Leech, good single target damage with Wandering Plague and auto-attacks. Daggers are the best weapon because they have the best attack speed for your Flame Weapon even though it will make your Mana Strikes do slightly less damage.


Build by Builder YT

This build focuses on making an effective battlemage in the arena of madness;[]

if you need to get to round 20 I suggest you use this build


  • Mana Strike (Battlemage)
  • Summon Pet (Ranger)
  • Corpse Explosion (Necromancer)
  • Raise Skeleton (Necromancer)
  • Summon Mummy (Necromancer)
  • Thundering Weapon (Battlemage)
  • Arctic Weapon (Battlemage)
  • Flame Weapon (Battlemage)


  • Dual Wield (ninja)
  • Tainted Blood (Necromancer)
  • Army of Doom (Necromancer)
  • Spell Eater (Battlemage)
  • Time Warp (Battlemage)
  • Elemantal Warding (Battlemage)


High Intelligence (around twenty)

Equal Everything else (10-15)


Best Armor: Robes of the Shadowmancer (best for magic)

Best Weapon: 2x Witherstrike (best sword) or 2x Bael's Bloodreaper (best axe)

Best Accessories: Phoenix Quill (8 weapon power, 10% crit) and Shackles of the Lost (7 armor, 6 weapon power)


summon as many minions as possibl, use corpse explode to thin crowds and make more bodies for minions. Switch off fire, ice, lightning and use manana strike as much as possible. Heal when needed.

Paladin/Battlemage/Witch Tank[]

Built by Garuda, many thanks to DirewolfGhost for inspiring this

Active Skills[]

Flame Weapon: Although this may not be the best one of the weapon buffs, it is the best when it comes to mana strike, and that is why we are using it.

Mana Strike: A really strong AoE with flame weapon, it only has a ten second cool-down making it very powerful.

Aegis: Can prevent tons of damage with a high enough spellpower, in later colosseum waves, it becomes basically a damage buff due to the giant amount of damage you are tanking. If you really need more crowd control you can replace this with either mass hysteria or intimidate

Aura of light: Do I really need to explain why this is in here? Extremely strong, even though you are using life drain, this becomes very powerful in later colosseum waves.

Power Infusion: A strong buff spell, always use this before Radiance if possible, if not, then don't use radiance.

Radiance: One of the strongest abilities in the game, with power infusion it can nearly wipe out a whole wave of the colosseum by itself. Try not to use this without power infusion.

Horror: You will rarely use this, however it is important as an emergency skill. Use it right before you die, and only if radiance is already on cooldown.

Savage Pounce: This can be replaced with Teleport, and in fact if you do, you have a very strong build for dealing with Morduin. However, the ability to jump to your target is really good since it deals a bit of damage, and it helps with those absolutely horrible skeleton shamans.

Passive Skills[]

Shield Training: Because you need a shield to be a tank.

Grit: Gives you quite a bit more attack power.

Aura of Disease: Good for a tank because while you are surrounded it deals damage to the ones you aren't attacking.

Adrenaline Rush: More healing and also movement speed increase. You see that I use tons of healing, this is because you are in the middle of mobs for a lot of the time.

Lasting Affliction: These last two can be replaced without harming the build too much, but lasting affliction does help with horror.

This last slot can really be anything, but I run life leach


Battlemage Raiment: Great armor, give spell power and armor and attack and cooldown speed

Witherstrike: Best sword

Draconic Bulwark: Best Shield

Antique Hourglass: Overall a great item increasing your attack and cooldown by a significant margin.

Choker of the Red Feast: Absolutely amazing, with radiance and power infusion you can heal all the way up to full health, and it's pretty good with mana strike too.


In the earlier colosseum waves you don't really have to worry, use your abilities how you want, but when you get to around wave 12 start using Power infusion radiance to clear the wave, then if the next wave comes before you have those abilities again, use aegis, mana strike and aura of light to tank it out.

The Tank[]

By Rawr4rawker

This build has a great mix of damage, mitigation and healing. A little kiting is required for higher Colosseum waves but overall, it is fun and challenging to play.

This is a build suited for NG with all active and passive skills mentioned below are unlocked from their respective classes.

Stat allocation will be as follows: CHA > END > DEX = 65. Prioritize CHA over END with a ratio of 2:1. Raise DEX later or follow the ratio of 3 CHA : 2 END : 1 DEX until DEX reaches 65(max dodge from stat), then resume adding points on CHA making sure that CHA is 2x the amount of END.


Active Skills

  1. Shield Rush (Knight): this ability will be used mostly for archers and mages in the backline. Another use of this is mitigation for targets who are susceptible to knockdown. Otherwise, this should always be on cooldown.
  2. Shield Wall (Knight) - this ability should be used whenever you are under heavy fire from different damage sources or when a charged physical attack from lizardmen, cyclops and the likes are about to hit you and you can't move away from it or Defend is on cooldown. This also is your best tool in mitigating Meteor spell from enemy mages, if you know that you won't be able to dodge it in time.
  3. Defend (Knight) - this ability is reserved for charged attacks from monsters mentioned above as it will completely negate its damage. This is also useful against Incendiary Arrows fired by enemy archers as its damage is considered physical, as this is something that Monk's Empty Body does not nullify.
  4. Revenge (Knight) - use this cooldown whenever you are under heavy fire from different damage sources and/or you are about to receive charged attacks. This works alongside Defend so you need not to worry if you think that this will not deal damage. This in conjunction with Defend is the best way in dealing with Incendiary Arrows as you will deal insane dps on the archer who shot the arrow without taking any damage from it.
  5. Mirror Shield (Paladin) - use this ability if you are facing a wave of long-ranged attackers as it will completely negate their damage dealt to you. The projectile reflection is just a bonus and not to be treated as a main source of damage. You're better off with Revenge if what you're after is damage, not to mention that this takes priority when used alongside Revenge so be careful. It's not that it will replace Revenge buff, it's just that you need to take the ranged hit for Revenge to work which this skill prevents from happening.
  6. Radiance (Paladin) - your only source of burst AoE damage and crowd control. Use it when the situation calls for it. Best used right after tanking with Revenge plus proc Word of Retribution via Holy Word or a potion.
  7. Cleanse (Paladin) - or the Battlemage's counterpart. Basically, save it when you're poisoned. Your spellpower is low anyways so Backlash will deal insignificant damage that you won't even notice it.
  8. Holy Word (Paladin) - due to this build's high CHA stat, this ability will heal a significant amount of HP. It will also proc Word of Retribution for burst dps window. Great synergy with Radiance, and Revenge.

Passive Skills

  1. Shield Training (Knight) - allows you access to Defend, Shield Wall and Shield Rush, granted you have a shield equipped.
  2. Grit (Knight) - Health and AP in one?? Sign me up. Technically, it gives 0.5 AP per point of END.
  3. Word of Retribution (Paladin) - increases your damage by 20% whenever you use Holy Word or getting healed by potions. Damage buff doesn't stack on its own. It just refresher the duration.
  4. Devout (Paladin) - increases Radiance damage by 10%. Stacks with Word of Retribution.
  5. Student of the Mind (Wizard) - 15% cooldown reduction. Stacks with other sources of CDR which will result to more uptime from your mitigation cooldowns.
  6. Mass Destruction (Wizard) - increases Radiance damage by 10%. Stacks with Word of Retribution and Devout.


Use your defensive cooldowns, wisely. Don't use multiple/all of them at once. As a general rule of thumb, heavy-hitters such as giants have a move wherein they pause and then charge up before swinging. Try to avoid it, if possible. If not, then pop Defend as it will completely negate the damage you will take from it.

As for what to target first, ALWAYS take down the mages before anything else as they can heal. Secondly, take down trash mobs as they will tend to overwhelm you. Save the tanky ones for last.

Immortal Hero[]


This build is broken. You literally are unkillable and immortal. Don't try this at home, kids.

Needed Skills[]

Premeditate (ranger), Last Stand (barbarian), Favored Soul (bard)

Needed Stats[]

50%+ Cooldown Reduction

Once your health drops to 30%, activate Premeditate, then activate Last Stand. You will be invulnerable to all damage for 10 seconds thanks to Favored Soul (8*1.25). With +50% cooldown, your premeditate cooldown is now 10 seconds, the exact duration of your invulnerability, meaning you can recast premeditate and last stand to be permanently invulnerable.


2x Almanac (20% CD redcution each), 1x "high level red monk armor" (10% cooldown, Wraps of the Dragon).

Skills you can use to further increase cooldown reduction: Frenzy (Barbarian), Impending Doom (Ninja), Student of the Mind (Wizard).

It is optional to have even more cooldown reduction so that you have a greater margin for error. The most important thing is to NEVER activate last stand twice. This screws up your combo and you will need to kite it out to do your combo again.

Basic Ninja/Rogue* Build[]

*with minor Paladin support

This build will focus on raising Skill and using equipment to maximize Crit%, thus minimizing cooldowns thanks to Impending Doom.

Skill Path[]

  • Train Rogue through Lethal Edge
  • Train Ninja through Impending Doom


  • Train Paladin specifically for Aura of Light
  • Complete Rogue and Ninja trees at leisure

Active Skills[]

  • Shadowstep - Mobility
  • Blade Rush - Mobility and DPS
  • Assassinate - DPS
  • Sneak Attack - DPS
  • Twin Strike - DPS
  • Tranq Dart - CC
  • Smoke Bomb - CC
  • Aura of Light - Healing

Passive Skills[]

  • Lethal Edge (Rogue) - DPS and CD Reduction
  • Dual Wield (Ninja) - DPS
  • Lethality (Ninja) - DPS
  • Impending Doom (Ninja) - CD Reduction
  • Flurry (Ninja) - DPS and CD Reduction
  • Personal choice


  • Main Hand - Dagger
  • Offhand - Dagger or Ninja Sword
  • Armor - Anything to improve Crit%
  • Accessories - Howling Sickles

Wizard/Ninja/Rogue/Barbarian/Battlemage/Paladin Build[]

This build utilizes the ninja passive Impending Doom (-1s all cooldown on crit) to be able to spam skills. This build can keep Aura of Light (25% lifesteal) almost always on. Your high damage will keep you healed without any defensive skills.


  • Teleport (Wizard) - Great mobility
  • Chain Lightning (Wizard) - AOE damage
  • Mana Strike (Battlemage) - Extra AOE to trigger crits
  • Flame Weapon (Battlemage) - 10% crit, Fire damage
  • Savage Pounce (Barbarian) - Gap closer
    • Savage Pounce can be replaced with the ranger skill Premediate.  Premediate is very useful in small areas like in the Coliseum because it lets you use Blade Rush/Twin Strike twice in a row (both of those skills are much more powerful than Savage Pounce)
  • Frenzy (Barbarian) - CD reduction and attack speed buff
  • Aura of Light (Paladin) - 25% Lifesteal
  • Optional : Power Infusion (Paladin) - Damage buff


  • Dual Wield (Ninja)
  • Lethality (Ninja) - Increased crit damage by 50%
  • Lethal Edge (Rogue) - 10% crit
  • Impending Doom (Ninja) -  Core


  • Witherstrike- sword with 35 attack
  • Cowl of the Red Fang - 5% crit and 50% crit damage
  • Howling Sickle - 15% crit and 30% crit damage

Leveling suggestion[]

  • Paladin - Ninja - Battlemage - Barbarian

Character suggestion[]

  • Choose female, red hair, name her Amelia, and equip a sword

Aura of Impending Doom (Paladin/Ninja/Rogue/Knight)[]

The whole idea behind this build is that extreme amounts of constant healing can make you nearly invincible. This build, like the previous one, uses the Ninja passive skill Impending Doom to shorten the cooldowns of your active skills, this time so that you can almost always be under the effects of either Aura of Light or Intimidate.

Skills and Stats[]

To play this build to its absolute effectiveness, start a New Game Plus on a character for which you have all skills unlocked.

-25 Skill for 100% crit chance

-25 Endurance to use the legendary heavy armor (Mor'Doth Doomplate)

-ALL OTHER POINTS in Intelligence


  • Aura of Light (Paladin) - Attack damage heals you for 10 seconds
  • Power Infusion (Paladin) - You deal 50% more damage for 10 seconds
  • Wrath (Paladin) - Your attacks deal additional damage (chain lightning) to your target and up to two other nearby enemies.
  • Blade Rush - Massive damage to multiple foes
  • Elemental Weapon of your choice (Battlemage) - Since you're investing in Intelligence instead of Strength, most of your melee damage will come from your elemental weapon skill. Once you've reached 100% crit chance through Skill, narrow your choice of elemental weapon down to Arctic Weapon or Thundering Weapon, as the extra crit chance from Flame Weapon becomes useless.
  • Revenge (Knight) - Enemies who inflict damage on you take damage (this includes passive damage and environmental effects)
  • Radiance (Paladin) - Knockdown and AoE damage to virtually all enemies on screen
  • Victory Banner (Knight) - You deal 20% more damage and have a 50% higher crit chance while within the radius of the banner's ward. Important! Once you've reached the Dex stat at which your crit chance is 100%, swap this skill for the Ranger skill Premeditate as it becomes much more useful at this point.


  • Dual Wield (Ninja) - You can dual wield two weapons.
  • Impending Doom (Ninja) - The basis of the build, as it reduces all of your skill cooldowns by 1 second every time you score a critical hit.
  • Lethality (Ninja) - Critical hits deal +50% damage.
  • Adrenaline Rush (Barbarian) - Killing an enemy heals you and briefly increases your movement speed
  • Lethal Edge (Rogue) - You have a +10% crit chance with daggers and swords
  • Chivalry (Knight) - You get +25% armor


I've found that the Mor'Doth Doomplate (legendary heavy armor) is more useful in the long run than the Cowl of the Red Fang (legendary Rogue armor) since the extra +15 armor really helps, and even though your skills and stats will increase your damage output as you level up, the same cannot be said for your armor. As for accessories, anything that increases your crit damage or attack speed will work well with this build; do not use anything that increases your attack damage or skill power as these quickly become 'diluted' at higher levels, nor should you use anything that increases your crit chance since this should eventually be 100% from your skill alone once you're at a high enough level. The best accessories for this build seem to be the Black Candle (+50% crit damage) and Antique Hourglass (+18% Attack Speed, +13% Cooldown Speed). Since most of your attack damage will be coming from your elemental weapon spell instead of your actual weapon damage, it is always best to dual wield daggers instead of swords due to the fact that this will give you the highest possible attack speed, so two Tombcallers would be ideal.


1. Activate your elemental weapon, then use Aura of Light, Power Infusion and Wrath and then run into battle.

2. Spam your attack skills. Note that Radiance is great to use on injured clerics to stop them from healing or teleporting, or in conjunction with Aura of Light to heal you for potentially huge amounts.

3. Use Revenge when things get dicey since Aura of Light + Revenge will cause your enemies' attacks to actually heal you.

4. Use Either Victory Banner or Premeditate to enhance your combat abilities depending on whether or not your crit chance is 100%. Use Premeditate to reduce the cooldowns of Blade Rush, Radiance, or Revenge as you see fit.

Self Sustaining Colosseum Build[]

This build enables you to clear at least 35 waves easily in the colosseum. Built around Ninja's impending doom, it allows you to have low cooldowns and clear waves quickly. A couple of survivability skills make it easy to use.


  • Blade Rush (Ninja)
    • Coupled with your buffs, it can crit a hell lot of damage and lets you clear a wave instantly. Also, if you are high on HP, with Aura of Light, this instantly gives you full HP.
  • Ki Blast (Monk)
    • Another spell to clear wave or knock down mobs for a breather.
  • Smoke Bomb (Ninja)
    • Makes you non-targettable for range mobs and force them to use melee attacks on you. Enables you to clear waves easily while standing in a same spot.
  • Empty Body (Monk)
    • Coupled with Counter Strike, this skill damages and synergise with Impending Doom to reduce cooldowns.
  • Power Infusion (Paladin)
    • 50% damage boost, self explanatory.
  • Aura of Light (Paladin)
    • Main survivability skill that keeps you from dying. *Always remember to activate it when it is off cooldown.
  • Wrath (Paladin)
    • Because mobs clumps up due to your smoke bomb, Wrath allows you to clear them quickly. And not to mention, if it crits, the lifetime of enemies are shortened.
  • Victory Banner (Knight)
    • 50% crit chance + your passives and equip, you will be landing crits 96% of the time. The 20% damage boost just lets you rip through waves.


  • Grit (Knight)
    • Gives you damage bonus equal to half your endurance and halves negative buff durations.
  • Dual Wield (Ninja)
    • Faster attack speed, Crits proc less, Skills cooldown slower.
  • Lethal Edge (Rogue)
    • 10% extra crit.
  • Impending Doom (Ninja)
    • When you land a crit, your cool downs reduce by 1 second.
  • Lethality (Ninja)
    • A build based on crits, you must be regular not to get the +50% crit damage.
  • Counter Strike (Monk)
    • Dodging attacks deals damage. Counter Strike is capable of dealing critical damage.


  • 2 x Witherstrikes
  • Cowl of the Red Fang
    • +50% crit effect, +5% crit.
  • 2 x Howling Sickles
    • + 20% crit, + 60% crit damage.


Build by: Roenbaeck

The idea behind this build is to maximize attack speed and reduce cooldown, combined with damage spreading spells, making it possible to use Aura of Light as the main healing component. This build works great when you face multiple foes, as the spread damage is calculated into the Aura of Light effect. It's less ideal on single targets, but should keep you alive in those situations as well.



  • Aura of Light (Paladin) - keep this up at all times
  • Frenzy (Barbarian) - keep this up at all times, its cooldown reduction is necessary in order to keep Aura of Light up at all times
  • Wrath (Paladin) - damage spreading, keep this up while you face multiple foes
  • Twin Strike (Ninja) - used in situations where you face a single foe
  • Power Infusion (Paladin) - damage multiplier, keep this up as much as possible
  • Song of War (Bard) - damage multiplier, keep this up as much as possible
  • Flame Weapon (or other from the Battlemage line) - damage multiplier, switch on at start of dungeon
  • Holy Word (Paladin) - use in situations where Aura of Light is not sufficient


  • Dragon Style (Monk) - damage multiplier
  • Armsman (Knight) - damage multiplier
  • Dual Wield (Ninja) - damage multiplier
  • Flurry (Ninja) - increased attack speed
  • Grit (Knight) - damage multiplier
  • Favored Soul (Bard) - necessary in order to keep Aura of Light up at all times


  • Mercurial Blade x 2 (or any other high damage bladed weapons)
  • White Ninja Gi - increased attack speed
  • Spectral Mantle x 2 - increased attack speed, reduced cooldown, necessary in order to keep Aura of Light up at all times

You should be able to get this build going already in your low 20ies. In most situations just making sure that Aura of Light, Frenzy, and Wrath are active is sufficient, and use Twin Strike to finish off foes when there are less than three left. Power Infusion and Song of War can be switched for something else if you like, but they align well with the rest of the build.

The Archmage[]

This mage build relies on the ninja impending doom to continuously reset your spells cooldown, making you able to spam them. It's a really powerful build, I was able to get to 100 kill in the arena with only a level 10 character, which also makes the leveling incredibly fast. At a high level you can easily get to 400-500 kills, after that, the mobs begin to OS you.


This build uses many high tier skill from different classes, so in order to reveal its full potential, it is recommended to start a new game plus after unlocking all necessary skills.


  • Aegis (13th Battlemage skill
  • Smoke bomb (4th Ninja skill)
  • Victory banner (11th Knight skill)
  • Radiance (13th Paladin skill)
  • Wandering plague (3rd Necromancer skill)
  • Ki blast (13th Monk skill)
  • Blizzard (5th Wizard skill)
  • Tornado (11th Witch skill)


  • Staff mastery (2nd Wizard skill)
  • Wild magic (4th Wizard skill)
  • Student of the mind (12th Wizard skill)
  • Impending doom (12th Ninja skill)
  • Arcane potency (3rd Battlemage skill)
  • Life leech (12th Witch skill)


  • The Scourging Inferno
  • Robes of the shadowmancer then Cowl of the Red Fang at higher level
  • 2x Howling Sickles

Stat distribution[]

  • Reach 100% crit by investing 25 points in skill
  • Reach 20 DEX when Cowl of the red fang becomes better than robes of the Shadowmancer
  • All resting points in INT


Hide behind your smoke bomb and aegis, place your victory banner and just spam spells as soon as they become available.

Choices explanations[]

Tornado and blizzard hit regularly a little amount of damage, each occurence makes a critical hit which shorten your cooldown, same for wandering plague. Smoke bomb forces distance enemies to come to you and be taken by your tornado/blizzard (30% dodge is a worthy bonus anyway). Victory banner get you easily to 100% crit, and other skills basically are the most powerful spells of the game.

The passives aim to enhance your damages, and the 5% life leech from witch is largely sufficient to keep you healed.

Cowl of the red fang, with its 50% crit effect give you evolutive damage that exceed spell power given by robes of the shadowmancer from a certain level (don't have the exact number sorry). Moreover, the 10% instant cooldown is totally useless with this build and cowl has a better defense. The investment in DEX also give you a bit of dodge (37% in the smoke), so it's definitely the best choice on a high level character.

The Ninjamancer[]


This is a convertible build that can be played with swords or staff equally effectively. It mostly utilizes the skills of the ninja and the necromancer, my favorite character. This build is created for fun gameplay and will only take you to wave 50 or so. If you want to go higher you will have to sub smoke bomb for frog to get 100% dodge, also spell eater for arcane magic to offset the massive spell damage from the upper levels.

Actives and Passives[]

I don't use smoke bomb because it's not fun for me. Same with Radiance. You can actually do far more damage with corpse explosion if your intelligence is high enough.



I use the devil staff or any legendary axes or daggers, the cowl of the red fang and ghost stone with time lost urn (+10% dodge/crit). Active and passive skills below are for staff. To play with swords, switch tornado to blade rush and frog to flaming sword. Switch the passive skill staff master to dual wield. Have fun!

Personal Build for Killing Morduin[]

This is the build I used to defeat Morduin/the king at level 30 Primary Wizard/Necromancer with help from Witch Knight and Ranger This build relies on certain staves and armor to work.

WARNING: you can only find them in the colosseum.


     * Active
         Glacial Spike(Wizard)
         Summon Mummy(Necromancer)
         Summon Pet(Ranger)
         Soul Mass(Necromancer)
         Wandering Plague(Witch)
         Blood Magic(Witch)

     * Passive
         Staff Master(Wizard)
         Army of Doom(Necromancer)
         Aura of Disease(Necromancer)
         Shadow Infusion(Witch)
         Cursed Knowledge(Necromancer)


         Crystalline/Silverweave Robe
         Flame staff gained in colosseum
         Anything that 1. Boosts Heath or 2. Reduces cool down

Recommended use VS Morduin

        Before you enter the door, summon the mummy and pet.
        Cast blood magic.
        At the start of battle cast teleport and wandering plague at Morduin.
        Cast blood magic before every attack.
        When Morduin does lightning, teleport away and cast glacial spike.
        Fight the enemies.
        Repeat until Morduin dies.
        Remember one hit kill lightning!

Holy Barbaric Battlemage (HBB)[]

Active Skills[]

Divine Hammer (Paladin) - It's powerful, aoe damage is useful at any level

Whirlwind (Barbarian) - Hitting multiple enemies at once helps A LOT with crowd control

Power Infusion (Paladin) - The bonus damage is great for dealing masses of damage and taking down enemies

Intimidate (Knight) - Stuns your target and sends everyone else into panic!!! YAY

Mana Strike (battlemage) - effects depend on your weapon type

Fire Weapon (battlemage) - Useful for crowd control

Artic Weapon (battlemage) - Good for hitting a single target and doing a little damage to everyone in your way

Thundering Weapon (battlemage) - Massive single target damage + stun = effective


Adrenaline Rush (Barbarian)

Death Wish (Barbarian)

Deep Wounds (Barbarian)

Arcane Potency (Battlemage)

Twin Disciplines (Battlemage)

Grit (Knight)

Required Equipment[]

Colossal Weapon

Heavy Armor


Holy Barbaric Battlemage is a useful and fun kit for arena, as well as standard levels. In arena, it blows through multitudes of enemies at a time, which heals you simultaneously, easily allowing you to gain bucketloads of exp.

When you encounter a food poisoned cyclops or a skeletal mage use the following. First activate Lightning weapon and Mana Strike to temporarily stun. This should give you enough time to use Fire Weapon and damage multiple enemies. As soon as the stun wears off, use Intimidate and then Divine Hammer. Assuming you did all this correctly, you should be able to use the Lightning Weapon strategy again, slaying your foe.

HBB is helpful against waves of melee enemies. All you have to do is activate power infusion and fire weapon. As soon as the annoying bugs surround you, use whirlwind and mana strike.

Unfortunately, this class is weak against multiple mages that are spread out among the battleground. In order to defeat them, you'll have to take each one out one by one. From weakest to strongest. As tedious as that sounds, it is almost your only option.


Savage Pounce (Barbarian) can replace Divine Hammer, depending on the situation (mostly used in levels with lots of walls/chasms.

If the wizards are REALLY getting you down, Silence (Battlemage) can replace Intimidate as it is just as effective if your fighting a large group of spread out mages.

Victory Banner (Knight) can replace Power Infusion but it is only MORE effective when fighting enemies that are buffed against holy damage.

Holy Ninja Variant (Ultimate Arena Build)[]

This build mixes skills from primarily Ninja and Paladin, however, I recommend supplementing with a few skills from Bard, Battlemage, Barbarian, Knight, and Rogue to round it out and add balance.  I started my character going full bard until I got Generalist (which if you equip it once you're in the academy, all skill requirements for other classes re reduced by 30%.  That means a skill that needs 30 str to train, now only needs 21 str to train).

This build is remarkably self sufficient and low concentration invested making it ideal for farming legendary weapons/armor in the arena.    

Active Skills[]


  • Blade Rush (Ninja L.11)
    • [Recommended] There is the option to swap this out with really any AE. I choose Blade Rush because it is strong AE on a short cooldown that can also be used as a gap closer for casters/healers.
  • Radiance (Paladin L.13)
    • In the early waves this is just filler. After about wave 15 you will want to use this at the beginning of each wave to make sure you have your cooldowns rolling.
  • Smoke Bomb (Ninja L.11)
    • An obvious choice as it brings ranged into your point blank AE and gives you 30% dodge.
  • Aura of Light (Paladin L.3)
    • This is not 100% necessary if you use life-steal trinkets but using this frees up those slots for other itemization options. If you do not use life-steal trinkets, keep this up at all times.
  • Wrath (Paladin L.6)
    • This is your bread and butter. Keep this up at all times.
  • Frenzy (Barbarian L.7)
    • Heavy damage boost. Keep this up at all times.
  • Power Infusion (Paladin L.4)
    • Heavy damage boost. Keep this up as often as possible.
  • Flame Weapon (Battlemage L.1)
    • Bonus crit and damage, set it and forget it.

Passive Skills[]


  • Dual Wield (Ninja L.2)
    • The extra damage from a second sword combined with Wrath is immense.
  • Impending Doom (Ninja L.12)
    • This reduces cool-downs every time you get a crit. It is the primary reason this build works.
  • Lethality (Ninja L.5)
    • Since this is a crit reliant build this just amplifies your damage.
  • Favored Soul (Bard L.8)
    • This skill, combined with Impending Doom, do the lion's share of the work to make sure Frenzy, Aura of Light, Wrath, etc, are always up and running.
  • Lethal Edge (Rogue L.5)
    • [Recommended] This skill is optional and can be swapped based on preference.
  • Grit (Knight L.8)
    • [Recommended] This skill is optional and can be swapped based on preference.


All items listed here are recommendations only.


  • Mercurial Blade - 22 Attack Power * 0.2(STR)+0.6(DEX)+0.4(SKL).
  • Obsidian Soulcrusher - 26 Attack Power * 0.6(STR)+0.2(DEX).
  • Witherstrike - 36 Attack Power * 0.6(STR)+0.2(DEX).
    • Obtained in Colosseum.


  • Battlemage Rainment - 24 Armor / 31 Spellpower / 6% attack/c.d. speed
    • Greatly improves mana strikes damage if you use that instead of Blade rush. Even if you don't the CD and attack speed are nice and the spell-power STILL improves the passive damage bonus provided by Flame Weapon.
  • Duelist's Regalia - 26 Armor / +5% dodge/crit/move speed/attack speed
  • Cowl of the Red Fang - 29 Armor / +5% crit / +50% crit effect
    • Obtained in Colosseum.


  • Ashes of Graz'bad x 2- +7 Weapon Power, +7% Life Drain
    • This is ideal because it allows you to not have to pay attention to your health until after wave 15.
  • Antique Hourglass x 2 - +18% Attack Speed, +13% Cooldown Speed
    • This ensures cooldowns are always up and gives a heavy boost to attack speed.
  • Choker of the Red Feast x 2 - +10% Life Drain
    • Two of these allows you to drop Aura of Light completely and get another skill instead.

There is alot of personal preference tied up in trinket slots. It is really up to you based on how much you want to use Aura of Light or not.


Wave 1-11[]

The beginning waves are pretty easy with this build. You want to get into the habit of keeping Wrath, Frenzy, and Power Infusion (and Aura of Light if you have it) on cool-down ALL the time. At the beginning of each wave use smoke bomb to draw everything in and Wrath will cleave it down.

Wave 12-16[]

Still pretty easy, but you will want to start using Blade Rush to proactively single out healers.

Wave 17-22[]

You really need to start paying attention now. At the beginning of each wave smoke bomb right away and as soon as the first melee gets to you - use your Radiance immediately. THEN put all your cooldowns up while the field is stunned. If you fail to hit radiance at the right time you will want to stagger your cooldowns. You need to do this because while you are casting frenzy, wrath, power infusion - you are not hitting enemies and are thusly not healing yourself. In the late waves the creeps hit hard enough to kill you in a few seconds flat.

After wave 22 you can let your hero die as you are *almost guaranteed* to have over 100 kills by then.

*99% likelihood but it depends on random wave generation so you could be a few short. I have still gotten legendaries for only killing 96 creeps though.[]

Dodge Master (rogue, ninja, monk)[]

This build requires a lot of dexterity (and dodge), strength, skill, and a bit of endurance. You may need to do new game + to fully utilize this build to its max potential (JK you don't, you should be able to make this build by around lvl 27 or so)


  1. Smoke Bomb - Increases your dodge chance by 30% while in the cloud, AND ranged enemies can't target you.
  2. Flame Weapon or Thundering Weapon - Increases damage, especially with dual wielding (see below); Flame increases crit. chance (Impending Doom), or if using Thungering can be used for stun.
  3. Blade Rush - This is extremely good. It can do Insane damage and is good for movement.
  4. Shadowstep - Again, this really good, and is good for movement
  5. Empty Body - This lets you have 100% dodge chance for 4 seconds. Only use with Premeditate
  6. Premeditate - As said above, only use it with Empty Body, or maybe Smoke bomb
  7. Paralytic Knife or Tranq Dart - Both are handy for stopping an enemy, or to take a breather. Your choice on which one you like/want to use.
  8. Ki Blast or Ki Shot - One deals really good damage to one target (Ki Shot), the other deals moderate damage to all enemies in the area, and knock them down (Ki Blast).


  1. Evasion - Increases dodge chance by 10%.
  2. Impending Doom - Decreases cooldown by 1 sec. each crit hit. This is good with the amount of skill you will need, and also with Flame Weapon.
  3. Counter Strike - Every time you dodge an attack, deal damage to your attacker. This is the entire premise of the build. If you don't have this, then this build it kinda pointless.
  4. Dual Wield - This increases damage and attack speed. Also increases crit chance, especially with Flame Weapon
  5. Silent Assassin - Can be used for escape, movement, or to easily kill an enemy.
  6. Lethality - Extra 50% damage each time you crit. hit.


Weapon(s)- Tombcaller, and another weapon, either sword or dagger, your call.

Armor - White Ninja Gi (22 armor, +6% attack/movement speed) or Garb of the west wind (25 armor, +4% dodge). It's your personal choice of which one you want. I personally like Garb of the West wind more, however.

Accessories - Double Ghost Stone (+15% Dodge each).


You will want 65 dexterity (+30% dodge), and the rest in skill (for crit hits). With all this dodge, you will get 70% dodge (30% (dexterity),+30% (2x Ghost Stones), and +10% (evasion)). That way, when you smoke bomb, with that +30% dodge, you will have 100% dodge, for about 10 seconds. In case you haven't noticed, there is no life gain in this build. So you will need to rely on the dodge, which considering that you have anywhere from 70%-100% dodge, it's easy to win.

God-Slayer's Apollo Strike[]

By: Chocolatemilk1234 (Chocolate)

An arrow made from the Seven Deadly Sins that can pierce even a god. With this power you can win against the malevolent god threatening Haggerdom, you shall be the one to restore freedom to Haggerdom and save the land from ruin. Just kidding this is actually an overkill joke build I made while I was bored.

When it comes to the equipment, skills and passives focus on raising your damage as much as you can before letting loose with an Apollo Strike.


IMG 0668.PNG

- Hurricane (strongest bow in the game)

- Cowl Of The Red Fang (crit damage/chance increase)

- 2x Black Candle (crit damage)

- One-handed melee weapon of choice


- Apollo Strike (main source of damage, it also pushes away and knocks down anything that survives)

- Song Of Inspiration (rapid recharge, allows for consecutive Apollo Strikes and resets the cooldown on other buffs)

- Holy Word (needs "Word Of Retribution", provides damage increase)

IMG 0669.PNG

- Power Infusion (damage increase)

- Enrage (damage increase)

- Victory Banner (damage increase, crit chance increase)

- Blood Magic (skill damage increase, crit chance increase)

- Flame Weapon (damage increase, crit chance increase)

Passive Skills

- Archery (for obvious reasons)

IMG 0670.PNG

- Grit (damage increase)

- Dragon Style (damage increase)

- Lethality (crit damage increase)

- Word Of Retribution (requires "Holy Word", provides damage increase)

- Might (damage increase)


IMG 0672.PNG
IMG 0659.PNG

Simply activate all your buffs and let loose with the Apollo Strike, if it does not kill the target use Song Of Inspiration, reactivate Blood Magic and fire another Apollo Strike, if the second strike does not kill the target either finish off the target with auto attacks or wait for the third Blood Magic/Apollo Strike. I haven't seen a single target that could survive more than three of theses strikes (most enemies end up dying by the first strike) and if done correctly a single Apollo Strike can deal roughly 8000-11000 damage per hit. The key is to be fast since the damage buffs will only last for 10 seconds before they deactivate and begin cooldown (the third arrow only needs the "Blood Magic" buff), also this build only works on single targets like bosses and will be nearly useless on multiple enemies. In short take down your enemies quickly so they can't kill you and remember to heal when necessary otherwise you'll end up getting taken down by what you are trying to kill.

Addendum by LynxFire: This build can work on groups of enemies just by swapping in Shuriken. Player's choice of what to remove; Apollo's Strike, Victory Banner, or Flame Weapon are recommended, and it depends on where you invest your stat points and playstyle.

Levin Saber[]

By: Chocolatemilk1234 (Chocolate)

"We brandish our swords to uphold order and to thwart the forces of cruelty and chaos. Let us ride like lightning, my brothers and sisters!"

As with any build that I make it is unusual and sometimes difficult to utilize but this is a build that should be a bit less unusual and should have more focus on player speed and skill.


- Two melee weapons of choice (I used the Obsidian Soulcrusher and Tombcaller)

- Cowl Of The Red Fang (helps with offense)

- Howling Sickle (make sure to use two of them)


- Blade Rush (a crucial skill in this build due to it's utility)

- Cleave (short range area skill)

- Thrust (used for damage output)

- Last Stand (allows for some survivability)

- Aegis (skill that can be defensive but also could improve offense)

- Song Of War (improves offense and defense)

- Premediate (works well with Blade Rush)

- Thundering Weapon (improves offense and the effect could be useful with Thrust)

Passive Skills[]

- Dual Wield (absolutely crucial in this build)

- Impending Doom (reduces cooldowns significantly allowing for skills to be ready when needed)

- Flurry (faster attacking means more opportunities to land critical strikes or stun enemies)

- Lethality (goes hand in hand with Impending Doom)

- Lethal Edge (perfect for Impending Doom and Lethality)

- Pursuit (mobility boost)


This build has no sustain so finishing fights quickly and cleanly will help save health potions. Under most circumstances Song Of War should be activated first then Premediate and that will allow for for Blade Rush to have two strikes with high damage of course the key to survival is you have to be aware of your situation if an enemy is about to use a high damage skill than use Aegis to defend or the extra agility from Pursuit to move out of the way, if an enemy is stunned use Thrust (or just use Thrust regardless of if the opponent is stunned or not). While Cleave will be used for removing multiple enemies Blade Rush works too and if your're about to die activate Last Stand and make sure to heal afterwards. Overall just be creative with how the skills in this build are used and make sure to be aware of the situation.

Critical Generalist[]

By a random guy on the internet called Luzeldon

This is an all purpose build that can do just about anything. Arena, final boss, quest, beating goblins, you name it, this build got tools for it, and most of all, it is fun to play. You need to fully master 3 classes, so it seems it would take forever to build, but the process is much faster than what you might have assumed because Generalist is along the path of the build. The build should be complete around level 30 in a single playthrough if you go for Generalist first.

How the build works[]

Flame Weapon on at all times, use Blood Magic(will be referred to as BM from this point on) before using any of your skills, and use Song of Inspiration(will be referred to as SoI from this point) to refresh them. Impending Doom+BM+SoI makes it so that this build has little to no downtime.

  • Against single targets, BMKarma Kick into BMAssassinate outright kills them.
  • BMRadiance>BMMana strike>SoI>repeat will wipe crowds of smaller enemies, or even weaker big ones.
  • Against bosses or single target high HP mobs, use BMWandering Plague on them to get cooldown reduction off every poison tick.

All of these is made possible with Choker of the Red Feast, a Life Drain accessory that mitigates the cost of BM and makes Radiance a full heal when used.

There will be situations where you will have to use your skills without BM, especially past round 20 in arena, but you'd have to learn that yourself.


  • Song of Inspiration(Bard 13) - Reset cooldown. You usually use this to spam Radiance because Impending Doom will get all other actives off cooldown real quick.
  • Karma Kick(Monk 3) - Gap closer. Also mad powerful when near death. Synergize super well with BM.
  • Assassinate(Ninja 13) - BM this right after Karma Kick for an almost guaranteed kill.
  • Radiance(Paladin 13) - Ultimate AoE. Follow this up with a Mana Strike on the knocked down enemies, then SoI do it again for overkill.
  • Mana Strike(Battlemage 2) - This is your nobrainer skill. When your Radiance is on cooldown, or when it is not, but there are too few enemies around and it's not worth it, BM this. It also proc 2 ticks of Impending Doom.
  • Wandering Plague(Necromancer 3) - When there's only a single target, like when facing a boss, Blood Magic+this will constantly cut your cooldowns. Makes your abilities much more spamable.
  • Flame Weapon(Battlemage 1) - You kinda need this if you wanna use Mana Strike. Also boost your Karma Kick and Assassinate.
  • Blood Magic(Witch 4) - Core ability. Makes everything crits. With so many critical damage in the build, you would feel useless if your skills doesn't crit. Also synergize well with Karma Kick and Death Wish.


  • Impending Doom(Ninja 12) - Core passive. This, with Blood Magic, allows you to reduce cooldowns like mad and spam Radance like a boss.
  • Death Wish(Barbarian 5) - With Blood Magic to constantly reduce your HP, you are guaranteed to get a boost out of this. It also makes all your skills go crazy when near death.
  • Arcane Potency(Battlemage 3) - Since your skills will crit 100% of the time via Blood Magic, this is a direct 50% increase to your damage output.
  • Lethality(Ninja 5) - Look above, except it's for everything, not just spells.
  • Grit(Knight 8) - -50% status effect duration. You kinda need this to survive all the poisons.
  • Shield Training(Knight 3) - Since you are not using any defensive abilities and are constantly reducing your health by BMing, you'd want all the armor you can get, otherwise, everything past round 20 in arena would most likely one shot you.***

***If you are using Mor'doth Doomplate, you already have enough armor. You can completely forego this for more offensive abilities. Be creative.


Use whatever you want, it matters little. The only must here is the Choker of the Red Feast, or you would suicide real quick with all the BM spamming. Personally, I use:

  • Witherstrike - Because it looks cool.
  • Draconic Bulwark - You need the armor.
  • Cowl of the Red Fang - Critical damage increase. Read Lethality.
  • Black Candle - Look above.
  • Choker of the Red Feast - Build enabler. You would've killed yourself many times over with all the Blood Magic spamming without this.

But really, as long as it allows you to use skills in the build, use anything you want. I tried this build with all 3 legendary armor, and it worked fine. Robe of the Shadowmancer gives you 10% chance to instant cooldown, which is super useful, Mor'doth Doomplate allows you to forego shield and frees up a passive slot. Honestly, as long as the build can still physically function, gear is entirely up to you.

Build Path[]

If you want to be efficient, go Bard/Paladin first, but grab Knight abilities up to defend isn't a bad idea since Bard/Paladin lack offensive skills. After you hit Generalist, just leisurely grab every skill you need, in any order you want, it is trivial to learn skills after that point. Any stats after completing the build should go to INT. Investing in CHA would result in more powerful Radiance, but INT, while not as prominent, still DOES increase Radiance damage, and that literally everything else you do scales with INT via Flame Weapon. STR will do the same, but without the fire element attached and does not increase Radiance damage at all, so I suggest going all INT.

Flame Ranger[]

Submitted by Drew

This is an extremely powerful, but unconventional Ranger built on using INT and not DEX. You will need to be in NG+ mode as several skills are high level from different classes and the attributes are different.


  • STR 5
  • DEX 10
  • INT The rest
  • SKL 20
  • END 5
  • CHA 5

You need DEX10/SKL20 to be able to wield the hurricane bow. All other points go into INT.



  • Flame Weapon - Battlemage (The key to this build)
  • Incendiary Arrow - Ranger
  • Apollo Strike - Ranger (use a different skill in the arena if desired)
  • Wandering Plague - Necromancer
  • Victory Banner - Knight
  • Aegis - Battlemage
  • Radiance - Paladin
  • Summon Pet - Ranger


  • Lethality - Ninja
  • Adrenaline Rush - Barbarian (can substitute others)
  • Life Leech - Witch
  • Leader - Ranger
  • Archery - Ranger
  • Impending Doom - Ninja


  • Main weapon - any legendary weapon, doesn't matter
  • Bow - Hurricane
  • Armor - Robes of the Shadowmancer
  • 2x Howling Sickle

How to Play[]

This build is extremely good in the arena and against all foes (I played this build on the Insane difficulty without much of a challenge). The damage from this build is huge even at low levels . When leveling, use mage armor to boost spell power and go for critical chance accessories.

The flame weapon not only grants 10% critical chance, it adds spell damage to all attacks and skills, even with the bow. Using impending doom of the ninja, the idea is to lower cooldowns of skills to basically zero. With a high critical chance, especially with the victory banner, the constant damage of the incendiary arrow and the DOT of wandering plague will ensure that you can constantly use skills.

The pet keeps aggro and radiance does massive damage and keeps you and your pet from taking damage. In the arena radiance will be your main damage spell, easily doing over 1000 damage per cast to each enemy on the screen at level 30. For non-arena, the Apollo strike skill pummels enemies, making even the boss characters a joke to defeat.

Due to the high intelligence of the character, Aegis is extremely effecting at later levels (use healing skills before level 15 until it is higher).

With this build, achieving wave 30 of the arena is very easy even at level 30. I usually quit at wave 20 or so to farm for legendary items which is not much of a challenge with the build.

Infinity Mage[]

Greetings Battleheart Legacy wiki! I'm just a random fan of this game who stumbled on something hilarious and wanted to share. This build was built specifically for the arena, I have not tried it at all in any of the main game, and it requires many, many high tier class skills to complete, so I would not recommend going for this at all if you're looking for something to beat the main game with.

What is this?[]

This first came into existence when I wondered how far you could push the Instant Cooldown mechanic (as far as I know 45%), and how to best abuse not having cooldowns. The end result is Infinity Mage, a variant of wizard/witch which focuses on packing as many high impact spells as possible, and spamming the living hell out of them. I can get to around 200 kills in the arena consistently, and I've found I only ever actually die when I'm spamming too hard and forget about my CC/healing, so I'm sure it can go farther.

The Build[]


Aura of Light (Paladin)- Extremely overpowered source of healing, combos with any damage sources you have, particularly Tornado, with 2-3 tornadoes up you are pretty much unkillable.

Tornado (Witch)- Amazing crowd control, combos nicely with Aura of Light for massive healing and meteor for damage. I'm 100% sure there is no spell that does this ones job better, completely necessary in my book.

Glacial Spike (Wizard)- Another high impact spell that works well with our many sources of Instant Cooldown. Pretty good, but perhaps replaceable if there is something more unfair

Horror (Witch)- Worse than tornado, but provides lots of breathing room, especially when cast multiple times in a row. Wouldn't cut this.

Meteor (Wizard)- My latest addition, not entirely sure if this one is worth it but it seems to work great for now, mostly put in to combo with Tornado, but gives the build a little bit more damage that it really needed. Not sure if key yet.

Song of Inspiration (Bard)- This might be a little overkill, but has saved me many many times when I brick on Instant Cooldowns at the end of a round, though with the addition of Impending Doom that happens far less now.

Teleport (Wizard)- Mobility woo.

Calamity (Witch)- Similar to Glacial Spike, but with what seems like more damage and is teleport cancelable. Nice to have, but same case as Glacial Spike.


Staff Master (Wizard)- Duh

Life Leech (Witch)- This might not be impactful enough, and I would not be surprised if I swapped this out in a future change, but for now it provides a more consistent source of heals than Aura of Light, though much much weaker

Time Warp (Battlemage)- More Instant Cooldown! Might not be worth the Passive slot, but it's hard to judge how effective this is.

Impending Doom (Ninja)- Wow this is amazing. In case you weren't already convinced spamming tornadoes was a good idea heres another reason to spam tornadoes. Definitely required

Mass Destruction (Wizard)- Another one I'm not sure is entirely worth it, but since Tornado is out a lot this is probably not too bad.

Withering (Necromancer)- It's at about this point while writing this guide I realized this build is probably far from perfect, and lots of these abilities I could likely replace. I'm not even sure this actually works with tornado.


The Scourging Inferno (Staff)- Best staff as far as I know

Robes of the Shadowmancer (Armor)- Best mage armor, good thing they also help with Instant Cooldown

x2 Azamoth's Cursed Eyeball (Trinkets)- The biggest source of Instant Cooldown, +15% from each is pretty much why this style of play is allowed to exist.

How to Play[]

Spam everything. This is an absolutely hilarious build to watch play out and for the most part very easy, generally you want to have a tornado out at all times, preferably two or three or even more if you feel like it. The only thing you actually have to worry about is usage of Aura of Light/Horror. In the later waves these are your main ways of not taking immense damage, so make sure you remember to use them often before randomly clicking other buttons mindlessly. Avoid hits, do lots of damage, blah blah blah.

Hope you all enjoyed, and good luck counting those tornado resets.

Alternate Avenger Build[]

submitted by KLO This build centers around using dodge and the counterstrike skill from the monk.

how it works[]

you have to have the skill counterstrike from the monk class and the highest dodge level you can have. seeing as the counterstrike skill still lets you dodge the attack, and it attacks as well. it is undefined as to whether the damage is defined by your attack damage or by the power of the incoming blow.


pretty much anything that improves dodge is useful here, but ghost stones are crucial. whatever combination of weapons and armour that you're used to are good here.


basically the only skills you need here are the counterstrike skill and any skills that improve and add dodge.


Go nuts guys, as long as you have more than 50% dodge you will live for a long time without using the potions or healing skills.