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Throughout the world of Battleheart: Legacy, there is much Miscellaneous Lore.

Stigma Against Non-primal Magic[]

There is a large amount of stigma and distrust against magic that falls outside the three primal elements. This is seen in multiple occurrences in the game.

On one occasion, the textbook on witchcraft in the Eston academy is confiscated, and locked in a dungeon.

On another, the Lecturer at Mage Tower repeatedly shows disgust at the growing number of students showing interest in necromancy, and, with the help of the user, performs a demonstration of the power of primal magic, by killing the Spider Queen boss.

Historical figures[]

Jabe the Great, author of the famous Codex of Jabe, a powerful Warlock who was eaten alive by Goblins.

Kaimani the Powerful, a Mage who trapped his life force in a gemstone on a ring by soaking the gem in his blood, giving him a sort of immortality.

Azaroth the Cursed, a great leader who had the power to see into the future with his cursed eye.

Sharkul the Fallen, a warrior who had no equal in life, who is now said to play the bassoon in Valhalla.

The Shrieking Shaman, Graz'bad, a powerful shaman whose greed for power claimed his senses, leaving him only able to shriek his own name.

Godess of Justice, M'ir, said to be the vigilant protector of all good souls.