Monk stats and skills.

Monks are skilled in the art of unarmed combat. Unwilling to rely on weapons or magic that may fail them in times of need, they hone their body to become a weapon of mass destruction.

Monks focus on developing Strength (STR) and Dexterity (DEX) in equilibrium to maximize their effectiveness in unarmed combat.

How to UnlockEdit

Head to the Capital pub. When the player enter for the first time, a cutscene involving a feisty drunk and a capable woman will ensue. The player must talk to her afterwards and she will challenge the player to a fight if the player is equipped with fist weapons. If the player successfully prove themselves, she will offer to train the player in the way of the Monk. She will relocate to the academy after the player re-enter City Center.

Monk SkillsEdit

Skill Description Cooldown Requirement
1000 Palms
1000 Palms
A flurry of unarmed strikes that deals 7x normal damage divided evenly among all targets in front of you. Requires unarmed/fist weapons. 8 sec



50 Gold

Thundering Blows

Thundering Blows

Increases all damage dealt with blunt weapons and unarmed attacks by 10%. Passive



75 Gold

Karma Kick

Karma Kick

Launch yourself at your target, delivering a flying kick which deals more damage the lower your current health is. 10 sec


10 DEX

100 Gold

Wind Walk

Wind Walk

Teleport to all nearby enemies, striking for 2x damage and slowing their movement speed. A minimum of 3 strikes occur. Requires unarmed/fist weapons. 16 sec

10 STR

11 DEX

125 Gold

Dragon Style

Dragon Style

While wearing light armor, your damage is increased by 5%. Passive

12 STR

13 DEX

150 Gold

Empty Body

Spirit Trance

Enter a state of mental tranquility, increasing your movement speed and granting you health regeneration for 10 sec. 30 sec

13 STR

15 DEX


175 Gold



Increases your dodge chance by 10%. Passive

14 STR

17 DEX


200 Gold

Ki Shot

Ki Shot

Focus your Ki into a projectile, which deals heavy damage on contact with your target. 30 sec

16 STR

20 DEX


225 Gold



Your critical strikes with blunt weapons have a 50% chance to knock enemies down for 2 seconds. Passive

19 STR

22 DEX


250 Gold

Pressure Point

Pressure Point

The slightest touch to a vital spot leaves your target paralyzed for 5 seconds. Requires unarmed/fist weapons. 20 sec

21 STR

24 DEX


275 Gold

Spirit Trance

Empty Body

For 4 seconds you become incorpporeal, increasing your dodge chance to 100%. 30 sec

22 STR

27 DEX

10 END

300 Gold

Counter Strike

Counter Strike

Whenever you dodge an attack, you instantly deal damage to your attacker. Passive

25 STR

30 DEX

10 END

325 Gold

Ki Blast

Ki Blast

Unleash a shockwave of Ki around your body, dealing damage and knocking down nearby foes. 20 sec

28 STR

32 DEX

12 END

350 Gold

  • Concussion also applies to unarmed attacks.
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