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Being a Necromancer demands great Intelligence and Charisma, along with minor Endurance.

The Necromancer shares key attributes with the WizardWitch and Bard

How to Unlock[]

Go to the Mage Academy Tower, and speak to a student near the headmaster who mentions a crypt where all the cool kids hang out. The crypt (called the Forbidden Library on the world map) is North by Northeast of the Mage Tower. Make your first right (southeast), take a left (northeast) when you can, and then keep heading straight to find the Skull of Necromancy; you can do this even with starter gear if you run past all enemies (otherwise the official recommended lvl is 8). With the Skull in your possession, return to the Mage tower and you will encounter the Necromancer trainer in the headmaster's chamber.

Note that the Necromancer is not a good class for endgame, as most of the skills have no effect on bosses. However, Wandering Plague is a great boss skill because the poison does not run out ever.

WARNING: If you return to the Necromancer trainer in the headmaster's chamber, you will have the option to kill him again. If you do so, the Necromancer trainer in the Capital will disappear and you cannot train any more Necromancer skills!


Skill Description Cooldown Requirement
Raise Skeleton.png
Raise Skeleton
Manifest a skeleton warrior for 10 seconds from the remains of a fallen enemy. You can have multiple skeletons, though you can't exceed 5 companions. 1 sec

10 INT


50 Gold

Tainted Blood.png
Tainted Blood
Increases your resistance to both holy and unholy damage by 25%. Passive

12 INT


75 Gold

Wandering Plague.png
Wandering Plague
Applies an everlasting poison to your target. When this target dies, the plague can transfer to other nearby foes. 30 sec

14 INT


100 Gold

Increases the critical strike chance of all periodic damage effects by 10%. Passive

16 INT

10 CHA

125 Gold

Summon Mummy.png
Summon Mummy
Conjures a powerful mummy, which is highly durable and deals heavy damage. 15 sec

19 INT

11 CHA

150 Gold

Corpse Explosion.png
Corpse Explosion
Up to 3 nearby corpses explode violently, dealing fire damage to their still-living allies. 10 sec

22 INT

12 CHA

175 Gold

Army of Doom.png
Army of Doom
Increases the health and duration of your summoned minions by 50%. Passive

25 INT

13 CHA

200 Gold

Dark Harvest.png
Dark Harvest
Destroy a nearby corpse and consume its life energy, healing you. (fallen Skeletons from Raise Skeletons also work) 10 sec

28 INT


13 CHA

225 Gold

Cursed Knowledge.png
Cursed Knowledge
Increases the damage you deal to undead creatures and constructs by 15%. Passive

32 INT


14 CHA

250 Gold

Mass Hysteria.png
Mass Hysteria
Your target and all surrounding enemies are consumed by madness, attacking each other for 6 seconds. 30 sec

35 INT


17 CHA

275 Gold

Soul Mass.png
Soul Mass
Generates a cloud of malevolent spirits which seeks out and explode upon the nearest enemy, dealing unholy damage. 12 sec

37 INT


19 CHA

300 Gold

Aura of Disease.png
Aura of Disease
You are surrounded with a cloud of infection which deals poison damage to all nearby enemies. Passive

39 INT

12 END

20 CHA

325 Gold

Slay Living.png
Slay Living
Attempts to instantly destroy your target. If the effect fails, the target instead takes minor unholy damage. Ineffective on all bosses. 15 sec

43 INT

13 END

22 CHA

350 Gold