Arrival at Dunshire Edit

The player will start out in a farm-like setting, where a tutorial will be given by a trainer. The trainer will explain basic controls, such as how to move, auto-attack, use abilities, etc. Afterwards, he will tell you to visit the nearby town of Eston, where you can meet specialized trainers, get quests, and buy equipments.

Getting Strong at Eston Edit

There are some quests at Eston, which if completed, gives gold as a reward. There are also 5 trainers which are unlocked by default in the Eston Academy. The player is able to buy equipments at the smith. There is also a bar, which is where the Bard trainer can be unlocked.

Once the player reaches level 6, a messenger will arrive at Eston. He will tell the player that the king is searching for the long-lost Solar Crystals, and informs that the king is offering 2,000,000 gold to anyone who recovers the Solar Crystals. He will then instructs the player to visit the king's steward at the Capital.

The Big City (the Capital) Edit

The Capital is divided into 2 parts, the City Center and the Castle.

The City Center has an academy which also has 5 trainers by default. However if the player unlocks the other classes, the trainers of the respective classes will be inside the Capital's Academy as well. The Capital also has a smith shop called Capital Punishment, which offers much better gears than Eston's. There is also a bar named Feathered Cap, where the Monk trainer can be unlocked. There are some quests at the Capital's City Center, some of which has an interesting dialogues.

The Castle is where the king's steward lies. The Castle is open to public and its entrance is guarded by 2 men. Here, the player can find the king's steward which will sign up anyone who is interested in seeking the Solar Crystals. The Steward will answer questions should the player asks. He will tell the player where the Solar Crystals are, and will mark the locations on the player's map.