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The capital of Haggerdom is The Capital. This is the biggest city in all the land and usually the best place to go when you need training or new gear. It has 2 areas: City Center and Castle.

City Center[]

There are 3 areas, the middle one where you arrive from the world map has the shop "Capital Punishment" that has better gear than the one in Eston and the academy where you can find all the trainers once you have unlocked them. In the southwest area there is the tavern "Wheezing Goblin" and the Royal Guard barracks. In the northeast area there is a square with a fountain and no buildings, but there's a level 7 quest for the mage there.


Quest Reward Location
The Search of "The Ox". Clue on the whereabouts of the "The Ox". South corner of the academy
Merchant Ambush 200 EXP, 200 gold, or nothing*. Archer in the pub by the counter
The Hedge Wizard Hunt 250 gold or unlock battlemage trainer*. Royal guard barracks
Crypt Cleansing 100 gold. Mage by the fountain
The rumors of the Living Ore(LV. 20) Ability to purchase high tier equipments from the smith. The smithy in Capital Punishment

Reward marked with a [*] means the reward depends on the player's decisions.



Quest Reward Location
The Quest for the Solar Shards 2,000,000 gold (In reality you must fight the King.)

Unlock New Game Plus.

Main room by the throne