An update on my Barb, she has completed the highest difficulty in 25 hours, spawning 2 NG+ copies, one INT (Witch/Necro/Minor Wizard), one DEX (Ranger/Rogue/Ninja), will make a tank but somehow tank gameplay feels boring.

Also updates from my real life as well. I've been bored looking for a good challenge (that's also the reason why I redownloaded this game for the highest difficulty), and I've been playing Dark Souls for a while (which makes pushing the difficulty bar to the max an instinct) and got addicted to it actually. Recently defeated Ornstein & Smough after 3 days of tryhard.

That's enough of the real life. Back to this wiki, I feel like the fanbase isn't large enough, and I can't really make a talk about anything and interact with people. Expanding this wiki to more fans would be rather hard though. It'd be good if they polish the game, add more quests, more story, more classes, greater map and then release it on PC as that's my main gaming platform. We can only wait.

Battlehard101 signing out.

P/s: Slay Living's chance based on my speculation might be 25+0.5*crit%, as putting down Victory Banner does increase the chance.