2017, I'm finally redownloading this game since I haven't even completed insane mode.

It truly is insane. I suck. Though I'm still rocking my traditional almost pure Barb (with makeshift Aura of Light lifesteal and smoke bomb and BARD CHARM). It's still really squishy with Enrage on though, so I might need to get some END or tanking skills.

I started with a bow because I thought it'd be best to kite for minimal damage taken. Turns out I wasn't doing well even though Sneak Attack gives dodge. I got some CHA at like Lv. 6 or something for Charming to divert enemy focus. Though its cooldown is too damn high. I also bought 2 Regen rings to save potions.

I died a lot really, like I was playing this game for the first time. Bows are too slow and caves too tight. Even my own discovered stutter-step didn't help. Got to tone down difficulty on the Lv. 3 dungeon just to get the extra gold chest. Never gonna cheat again though.

The adventure only began on Lv. 10. Even a Lv. 9 Rogue couldn't defeat a Lv. 6 Frost Wyrm. Shame on her. Sneak Attack in the Wyrm fight did help a lot, but not as much as Shurikens. I had shurikens on me until like 14. The Aura of Light lifesteal makes it just pure awesome. The problem is Reckless Blow drains even more HP than what I get, so I had to keep Shurikens on. Then there's another issue: ranged enemies. Casters and archers kept getting on my nerves, so I got Smoke Bomb. Also useful against the Giant Slime boss in the Oozing Dark since it spits poison goo every 4 attacks. I also discovered that Battlemage Flame Weapon doesn't work with Barb's DoT-on-crit passive, thus doesn't work with Twist the Blade.

Battlehard101 on Lv. 18 Barb, signing out.