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Weapons, like armor or accessories, can be acquired in several ways:

  • Purchased from a shop vendor
  • Dropped by a fallen foe
  • Discovered in a chest
  • Awarded at the Arena of Madness

In order to obtain a legendary item you need to kill more than 100 enemies at the Arena of Madness.

Different types of weapons are affected by different attributes and skills. In addition to the categories below, there are slashing weapons (Axes and swords), piercing weapons (Daggers, Swords, and Light Swords) and light weapons (Daggers and Light Swords). There are also one-handed weapons (Axes, Daggers, Swords, and Blunt Weapons), two-handed weapons (Fist Weapons, Staves, and Colossal Weapons), and second-hand only weapons (Bows).

Each weapon type also has damage modifiers based on what attributes you decide to put points into. The values listed are calculated as follows: (Final Attack Power - Initial Attack Power) / # of points put into that skill. The calculations each used 82 points.

Axes (.7 STR; .3 Dex)

Name Description Stats Requirements Base Cost
The Guillotine Named for its knack for separating heads from torsos. 26 Attack Power none 4000
Gale Slicer Every swipe of this axe whips up a vortex of wind and energy. 17 Attack Power none 2000
Dwarven Chopper A relic from the long lost dwarven civilization, it still holds an impressive edge despite the endless march of time. 13 Attack Power none 1460
Silver Axe A finely honed battleaxe with a wicked edge. Clearly not the work of an amateur smith. 9 Attack Power none 778
Steel Battleaxe A castle-forged steel axe, designed for chopping through mail. 6 Attack Power none 350
Hatchet A simple hatchet, better for chopping wood than enemies. 4 Attack Power none 150

Bows (1.2 DEX; 0.3 STR)

Name Description Stats Requirements Base Cost
Yggrasil's Branch Formed from a fragment of the world tree, this artifact holds dominion over life and death. 42 Attack Power DEX 8; SKL 17

Archery skill

Vash'Lian, the Huntress This weapon is engraved with elven songs of war. 36 Attack Power DEX 7; SKL 15

Archery skill

Longbow of the Imperium These bows are typically found in the hands of elite royal snipers. 31 Attack Power DEX 7; SKL 13

Archery skill

Dragonheart Bow Crafted from the bone and tissues of a fallen dragon. 26 Attack Power DEX 6; SKL 11

Archery skill

Midnight Striker Its lightweight, camouflaged design makes it ideal for assassins. 21 Attack Power DEX 6; SKL 9

Archery skill

Heartwood Longbow Fashioned from magical trees, this weapon glows with energy. 16 Attack Power SKL 7

Archery skill

Elven Recurve Through fine elven craftsmanship this bow achieves increased range and power. 14 Attack Power Archery skill 500
Reflex Bow This compact bow is easy to handle and packs a punch. 10 Attack Power Archery skill 210
Hunting Bow A simple bow used to hunt small game animals. Often the first bow of a rookie archer. 8 Attack Power Archery skill 70

Blunt Weapons (.7 STR; .3 DEX) (Morningstar .7STR; .3 END)

Name Description Stats Requirements Base Cost
Hammer of the Underkings Fashioned by Dwarves in ancient times, this weapon exhibits long lost craftsmanship. 25 Attack Power none 4000
Frost-Giant Crusher Petrified by a supernatural chill, it strikes with the force to crumble a mountain. 21 Attack Power none 3000
Anointed Pulverizer Sanctified in holy oils before battle, this weapon is an instrument of the gods. 17 Attack Power none 2300
Skullcrusher An aptly named implement, it takes great constitution to wield. 14 Attack Power none 1700
Ogre Mauler Ogre's don't overcomplicate things - take a massive slab of stone and hit things with it. 11 Attack Power none 1150
Mythril Mace Castle-forged and deadly, capable of shattering bones right through plate mail. 8 Attack Power none 744
Stone Hammer A slab of stone on a stick. Simple but effective. 6 Attack Power none 468
Morningstar This spiked mace delivers punishing blows. 4 Attack Power none 200

Colossal Weapons (1.25 STR)

Name Description Stats Requirements Base Cost
Worldreaver Legend claims this axe was used by the gods to carve rivers and oceans of the world. 34 Attack Power Colossal Weapons skill 4000
Armageddon Blade2.png
Adorned with skulls, this towering sword heralds the end times. 28 Attack Power Colossal Weapons skill ?2500
Onyx Odachi An enormous sword from a distant civilization, devised to slice any living beast in half. 25 Attack Power Colossal Weapons skill 2300
Wyvern's Bite It is said the wounds this blades leave are cursed to never heal. 21 Attack Power Colossal Weapons skill 1700
Giant Flayer Originally conceived by the mountain-dwelling barbarian clans, who skin rampaging giants and make tents from their hides. 17 Attack Power Colossal Weapons skill 1180
Cold Iron Cleaver It seems to chill the air as it slashes. 13 Attack Power Colossal Weapons skill 754
Mythril Greataxe Cleaves through enemies with ease. 10 Attack Power Colossal Weapons skill 462
Stone Greatsword Chiseled from a giant slab of rock, this "blade" can only be handled by those with impressive strength. 8 Attack Power Colossal Weapons skill 230

Daggers (.18 STR; .72 DEX)

Name Description Stats Requirements Base Cost
Vardus, the Reaper Each of this cursed blade's owners have been driven mad. 26 Attack Power none
Frozen Doomspike As deadly and remorseless as winter itself. 18 Attack Power none 2950
Red Fang A savage weapon made from the teeth and bones of wyverns. 16 Attack Power none 2300
Guro'ji Ritual Dagger A relic from a long lost civilization, it still holds untold power. 13 Attack Power none 1690
Sai Blade A uniquely shaped dagger, wich can be used defensively for parrying blows. 10 Attack Power none 1150
Mythril Kris Blades such as these are said to be able to slay spirits... 8 Attack Power none 726
Mugger's Shiv Most likely the former property of some ne're-do-well. 6 Attack Power none 450
Silver Dagger A finely crafted silver blade, from a well-known smith. 4 Attack Power none 250
Iron Dagger Dangerous, cheap, and ubiquitous. The tool of choice for outlaws across the world. 2 Attack Power none 45

Fist Weapons (.41 STR; .41 DEX)

Name Description Stats Requirements Base Cost
Taizu's Hand of Justice Channels the might and fury of an ancient imperial dynasty. 21 Attack Power none
Gloves of the Long Death Crafted by assassins, these gloves hold murderous power. 17 Attack Power none 3000
Fist of the North A relic from an ancient order of monks that has since vanished. 14 Attack Power none 2250
Anointed Gauntlets Righteous fury fills these gloves with purpose and power. 12 Attack Power none 1700
Imbued Wristwraps A simple cloth that has been enchanted with elemental magic. 9 Attack Power none 1150
Spiked Gloves Few can withstand a blow from these cruel implements. 7 Attack Power none 762
Brass Knuckles Helps protect your delicate hands from your opponent's dangerous faces. 5 Attack Power none 450
Cestus These gloves turn your fist into a dangerous weapon. 3 Attack Power none 200
Pugilist's Tape Popular among bare fisted fighters, such as the monks who roam Haggerdom. 2 Attack Power none 45

Staves (1.5 INT)

Name Description Stats Requirements Base Cost
Flame Staff A primitive wizard's staff. Launches ball of flame at your foes, and increases spell power slightly. 8 Attack Power
2 Spellpower
Staff Master skill 120
Sapphire Staff A jeweled staff that blasts your foes with frost. 10 Attack Power
3 Spellpower
Staff Master skill 300
Heartwood Staff Often confused with a simple walking stick, it courses with unseen energy. 12 Attack Power
4 Spellpower
Staff Master skill 540
Winged Voidstaff This staff appears to house a malevolent spirit inside. 14 Attack Power
5 Spellpower
Staff Master skill 850
Elementalist's Sceptre Exhibits exceptional capacity for channeling the elements. 26 Attack Power
6 Spellpower
Staff Master skill 1266
Entombed Chillrod A powerful mage's staff consumed in spellfrost. 31 Attack Power
7 Spellpower
Staff Master skill 1820
Ill Omen This staff bears a terrible, cursed aura. 28 Attack Power

8 Spellpower

Staff Master skill 2400
Sceptre of the Just Though often seen in the hands of healers, this staff has great destructive power as well. 30 Attack Power

9 Spellpower

Staff Master skill 2750
Pillar of the Venom Lord This staff is fashioned in the image of a serpent god. 33 Attack Power

10 Spellpower

Staff Master skill 3140
Archmage's Ivory Staff These staves are only bestowed to the most powerful of mages. 38 Attack Power

12 Spellpower

Staff Master skill 4100
Abyss Gazing into the focusing crystal of this staff assaults your mind with visions of destruction. 40 Attack Power

13 Spellpower

Staff Master skill 4500

Swords (.7 STR; .3 DEX) (Light Swords .4 STR; .5 DEX; .2 SKL)

Name Description Stats Requirements Base Cost
Obsidian Soulcrusher This once evil blade has been cleansed by holy rites. 26 Attack Power none 4100
Mercurial Blade (Light Sword) This blade is as fickle as it is deadly - it takes intense training to control. 22 Attack Power none 3550
Holy Blade of M'ir Relic of the goddes, M'ir, vigilant protector of all good souls. 22 Attack Power none 3100
Ancient Crystal Sword The blade glistens with otherwordly light and power. 19 Attack Power none 2300
Jade Edge Swords such as these are often forged by fey spirits. 16 Attack Power none 1718

(Light Sword)

A slashing blade that is light and easy to conceal, commonly used by ninjas. 16 Attack Power none 1425
Savage Ripsaw Serrated and razor sharp - carves monsters into bits. 13 Attack Power none 1156
Mythril Longsword Crafted from the finest mythril, this sword will hold its edge for decades. 10 Attack Power none 786

(Light Sword)

A delicate blade designed for piercing. 8 Attack Power none 612
Knight's Blade A simple but sturdy castle-forged blade. 8 Attack Power none 450
Rusty Carver A crude but effective weapon. Hope you've had your shots! 6 Attack Power none 250
Iron Sword A simple sword used by many squires and aspiring adventurers. 4 Attack Power none 50
Bronze Sword This weapon is both fragile and blunt. It would be better to melt it down and make a teapot. 2 Attack Power none starting gear

Legendary Tier

Name Description Stats Requirements Base Cost
A relic from the first age, wielded by one of Haggerdom's valiant protectors. (Axe) 36 Attack Power
It strikes not at your foes flesh, but the very tether that holds them on this mortal plane. (Dagger) 36 Attack Power
This unholy blade devours the souls of those it slays, and ultimately, its wielder. (Sword) 36 Attack Power
This ornate scepter is a conduit to the heavens. A power beyond yourself guides your hand to smite the wicked. (Blunt)  36 Attack Power
Feung's Legacy.png
Once worn by the most powerful monk in Haggerdom's history, who helped rescue the continent from the brink of desctruction hundreds of years ago. (Fist) 24 Attack Power
Scourging Inferno.png
Grants total dominion over magical energies. (Staff)

45 Attack Power

15 Spell Power

Staff Master skill
Mad Smiths.png
The final work of a smith renowned for his skill, but who's life's work slowly drove him insane. His blades are equally unstable. (Colossal) 38 Attack Power Colossal Weapons skill
A bow said to house the force of 10,000 unrelenting storms. (Bow) 48 Attack Power

Dex 10 Skl 20

Archery skill